How To Make $1,000 A Day – 10 Ways

Have you ever heard about people reaching incomes of $1000 per day?

Looking to do the same?

Well, guess what…

I’ve gathered 10 solid ways to start earning $1000 a day.

You’ll learn about methods such as:

  • Blogging
  • Solo ads
  • Selling online courses
  • Selling your knowledge as a coach

The key to earning $1000 per day is choosing your direction wisely…

…and then using an entrepreneur mindset to build your new business.

Let’s dive into the 10 ten ways to make $1000 a day!

1. Start a Blog to Make $1000 a Day

Use a blog to make $1000 a day?

Is that even possible?

Yes, if you play the game intelligently.

The typical advice centers around selecting something you feel passionate about and are knowledgeable in.

But wait:

Should you consider what you like to write about?


But also think about what will make you the most money.

If your goal is $1000 per day, pick topics that lead to higher commissions when your blog points visitors to a sales transaction.

For example,

Ask yourself if you will earn more selling a high-ticket 401(k) investment or a course on knitting?

Think about it:

An audience interested in knitting might spend $50 or $100 on an educational eBook or course.

On the other hand:

Your blog, which attracts high earners seeking investment advice, allows you to earn more per customer as you point them to six-figure investment opportunities.

Quick steps to blogging

  • Choose your niche (wisely)
  • Select your preferred domain name
  • Compare hosting companies and decide which one best fits your needs

Next, plan your content.

  • Offer tips and advice.
  • Write comparison posts.
  • Write reviews.

Work to build your traffic numbers over time.

The next step is monetization.

One way is to use affiliate marketing as a monetization channel.

You don’t need a product.


Find product creators willing to pay commissions for the sales produced by your blogging efforts.

What does this mean for you?

It means more time for you to spend on becoming a better blogger and marketer.

  • Learn how to write more effectively.
  • Build your blog’s traffic, drive visitors to the products that solve their problems, and benefit from passive monthly commissions.

Want to expand beyond sharing revenue with your partners?

Consider creating your own products.

You can build a course, sell it for $997 and keep 100% of the profit. Or, add in group coaching and sell the course and coaching for $3000+.

If you get your traffic numbers high enough, you might try ad revenue.

Join Ad networks like Ezoic or

Build a well-crafted blog and remain dedicated to a long-term plan. It will help you reach your goal of making $1000 per day, in the same way these people did.

2. Use Solo Ads to Generate Daily Revenue

Here’s the truth:

You won’t immediately make $1,000 per day unless you find a way to quickly get in front of prospects.

In other words:

Use advertising to get fast results.

However, running ads on Facebook or Google includes a steep learning curve.

Use solo ads instead.


They are simple.

All you do is find a partner with a large email list.

Give them your landing page. They’ll send a “solo” email to their list encouraging those subscribers to click through to your offer.

Essentially, you’re borrowing their list and using it to promote your offer. It’s like renting someone else’s audience for a little while.

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The key to using solo ads successfully:

Work to craft a message that turns prospects into buyers.

For example, if you’re selling a course on how to become a successful day trader, include words like “day trading strategies” or “financial freedom” in your copy.

Show, don’t tell:

Take screenshots of traders who already used your product to find success.

Test one or two solo ad providers against one another. Then, try a third.

Once you find that a provider’s audience responds well to your offer, create additional landing pages.

Buy another round of clicks from that provider.

Keep testing and adjusting your email and landing page copy.

Refine your process until you reach your $1000 per day revenue goal.

3. Start an eCommerce Business

Rather start an online store?

Use a new eCommerce venture to meet your $1000 a day aspirations.

Select products that:

  • Offer competitive profit margins
  • Encourage repeat purchases from your target market
  • Are simple to source

Is it possible to create $1,000 earning days in eCommerce?


Eric Bandholz started Beardbrand in 2012. Today, his company earns over $3 million annually.

Do I have your attention?

To get your eCommerce empire started, decide which niche you want to dominate in.

Then, look at the available platforms, select the one you like best, and start marketing your new store.

Learn how to write product descriptions and use images to entice customers to place orders.

Strategize your marketing tactics.

Here are quick ideas:

  • Use SEO to rank higher in Google
  • Set up pay-per-click campaigns
  • Create blog posts to explain your products
  • Use email marketing
  • Set up partnerships with influencers to drive additional traffic
  • Run webinars
  • Use “explainer” videos
  • Gather testimonials for your website and email campaigns

Still unsure about eCommerce as a $1,000 per day solution?

Use the following tips to produce $30,000 eCommerce months.

4. Become a Day Trader

Do the “markets” interest you like George Costanza?

Day trading may be the name of your game!

Successful day trading requires you to avoid getting emotional while staying focused and disciplined.

The game is fast.

Recognizing potential gains and reacting quickly are keys to success.

Start slowly with this method.

Open a demo trading account first.

Use virtual funds to hone your trading skills without risking real money. Start trading the real markets after getting comfortable with your trading strategy.

Here’s a word of caution:

Never forget why you got into the day trading business in the first place:

To make money.

Don’t get swayed by emotions.

With proper research, planning, discipline and patience…$1000+ days can soon become your reality.

5. Sell High-Ticket Courses

Have you gained experience in a specific area of knowledge?

If so:

Create and sell high-ticket online courses in your quest for $1000 revenue days. Some people call these products online classes or seminars.

The first step to selling high-ticket courses is to create the course itself.

Think about it like this:

If you were writing a book, you would need to outline your chapters.

Organize your course’s modules in the same way you would chapters of a book.

Ready to start?

Dive in with these simple steps!

  • Outline your material
  • Write your scripts
  • Record the video content

Use one of the various course platforms to “house” your education.

You might consider:

  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Kajabi

Marketing your course is the next move.

Start using your social media profiles.

On LinkedIn?

Create an educational post. Announce that you can solve a specific problem. Encourage readers to reach out to learn how.

Post on Instagram.

Encourage followers to direct message you for more information.

Build a YouTube channel.

Begin posting educational videos with links to your new course.

If you already started a blog, write blog posts that attract targeted prospects for the course.

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Need a faster way to get leads while building your blog or social media following?

Use Google Ads or Facebook ads. As your blog traffic grows, retarget your visitors with retargeting ads.

By the way:

Pricing is arbitrary.

Select a price you feel comfortable with. If you select $1000 as your starting amount, you can get to $1000 per day with only one sale a day.

High-ticket courses can sell for as much as $3000.

Run price increase campaigns to your list until you successfully sell your course for $3000. Once there, you can meet your $30,000 per month goal with only 10 sales per month.

Want to automate your online course business?

You can!

Use the tips found here to use automated webinars to scale your revenue.

6. Become a High-Ticket Coach

Building upon the course route, you might instead decide to make money by selling coaching services.

Courses are great…

But providing individualized support and personalized guidance can help your clients get faster results.

Even better:

You can charge more when adding coaching services to your offer.

Brainstorm your area of expertise.

The following niches work well for high-ticket coaching:

  • Marketing
  • Relationships
  • Careers
  • Nutrition
  • Business
  • Stress management
  • Finances and wealth
  • Parenting
  • Productivity
  • Fitness

An effective high-ticket coaching offer typically includes:

  • A time container such as 12 weeks or 6 months
  • 1:1 coaching calls
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Email, text, or Whatsapp access between calls
  • A client community area

You can charge anywhere from $5000 or more for your coaching offer.

Can you imagine?

How will your life change when you earn $5000 per client? Only six sales per month meets your desire to earn an average of $1,000 per day.

7. Sell High-End Services (Like Website Creation or SEO)

Did our first idea of building a successful $1000 per month blog get you excited?

Now think about this:

Building a blog helps you develop skills others will pay for.

Many business owners would rather outsource the site creation process.

What’s that?

You can get paid to build more websites?

You bet!

High-end website creation and SEO services can cost upwards of $10,000 and more. Similar to courses and coaching, you can meet your monthly income goal with only a handful of clients each month.

One way to test this idea:

Get your blog to success. Place a “Work With Me” page in your nav bar. Create a “book a call” funnel, where you encourage people to get on Zoom.

On your Zoom calls, demonstrate the traffic your blog generates and the income that spins off it from affiliate marketing and ads.

Offer to build a similar website for your prospect. Help them see that you’ll do all the upfront work and hand over a blog ready to do for them what your blog does for you.

Once you make a couple sales at $3000, $5000, or $10,000, you know the concept works. Your next step is to start advertising consistently to bring in more clients each month.

The result?

A brand new source of $30,000 months!

8. Become a Drop Shipper

What if you don’t have ideas for your own eCommerce product?

No worries!

Use the dropshipping method instead.

Dropshipping is a business model without any need to keep product inventory. You can find product suppliers who will ship products out to customers after you create the sale.

The strategy helps you focus your attention on marketing. You don’t need product development or customer service expertise.

Set up shop by describing the features and benefits of the products you’ve decided to sell.

Make the sale.

Collect the money.

Notify your product partner of the sale.

They will get the product out to your client.

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Easy peasy!

The key to success?

Become great at one thing: online marketing.

With dropshipping, you can focus on marketing without worrying about product fulfillment or customer service.

9. Become a Social Media Influencer

Do you love getting on social media and connecting with others for free?

Stop playing!

Start earning $1000 per day on social media instead.

You can use platforms like TikTok and YouTube to create thousands of daily views of your content and product offers.

Similar to blogging, quality content is key to the strategy.

Do the same keyword research you would when building your blog. Write out an avatar profile that details the pain points and interests of the audience you want to reach.

Post your content consistently to attract followers.

Don’t forget to invest in your future success. Use each platform’s paid advertising strategies to increase your reach.

As your channel grows, consider networking with other influential figures in your industry.

Why is that?

Doing so will expose more people to your platform.

Look for partnerships where you do a Facebook Live or an Instagram Live on a partner’s social platform.

Use the appearance to get your partner’s audience interested in becoming one of your new followers.

Becoming a social media influencer will only work if you’re dedicated to your craft and remain in the game for the long haul.

Do it right and you can grow to the level of the Cajun Koi Academy channel. These two brothers teach students how to study, drive more than 25,000 monthly visitors to their website from YouTube, and launched their first product to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

What will you build on YouTube or TikTok in your quest for $1000 revenue days?

10. Invest in Real Estate

Have a love for real estate?

Investing in real estate can turn lucrative quickly if you make your first deal count. With some effort, you can turn your real estate efforts into a $30,000 per month business.

The first step is setting the correct goals.

  • Is passive income what you want?
  • Do you want to flip houses?
  • Rent properties for long-term growth?
  • Or, do short-term Airbnb rentals?

One option is residential real estate. You might invest in duplexes or single family homes.

Rent your properties out to tenants for steady cash flow each month. Or, make a quick buck by flipping for profits.

Does commercial property sound better to you?

You could invest in:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes

Location plays a crucial role in real estate investing success.

Research local markets carefully before making any decisions about where to invest your money.

Consider the following before investing:

  • Crime rate
  • Job opportunities nearby
  • Access to public transportation
  • Schools
  • Recreation areas

Want a simple option in this area?

Try using sites like Airbnb or Vrbo.

You can get started quickly toward $1000 days if you already have a house or back room to rent.

Get it profitable.

Then, expand into more properties to rent out on short-term leases.


Reaching the goal of earning $1000 per day is a challenging yet achievable objective. You’ll get there with the correct combination of strategies and commitment.

You might need to combine the various approaches listed above. For example, you can start a blog while simultaneously leveraging YouTube or Instagram as an influencer.

Or, you might use your blog to sell both high-end courses and a related high-ticket coaching program.

Use solo ads to market your blog’s affiliate marketing products or your coaching offer.

Bottom line?

Making $1000 a day is possible if you master the strategies of marketing and mindset. Take action now to reach new heights in success!

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