Office Supplies for Your Home Office: Nine Essentials

Office Supplies for Your Home Office

If you’re setting up a home office, don’t assume you don’t need any office supplies or equipment. In fact, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can get by without the essentials. While you may not need the same office equipment and materials that a large international company does, that doesn’t mean the items you do need aren’t important. In fact, below are just some of the items you’ll need if you work from home, regardless of your occupation.

1. The Right Desk

When shopping for a desk, make sure it is high-quality and ergonomic if at all possible. Working from home requires that you spend a lot of time at this desk, so you might as well spend some money on it and make sure it’s a good one. You might even consider buying a standing desk if you feel like this is the most appropriate type.

2. The Right Chair

Getting the right desk won’t matter if you get a sub-standard chair. An ergonomic chair is a must because it allows you to use it for many hours at a time without feeling any soreness or pain. This is a very important piece of office equipment for anyone who has an office in their home, and it’s best if it consists of back and neck support, a good headrest, an adjustable height, and good armrests.

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3. USB Power Strip

Having a power strip is crucial when you have a home office, but the USB types are even more important since so many devices use them. Make sure there is a surge protector as well so that if you have a lot of things plugged in, you never have to worry about losing everything you’ve been working on. And even though you’re at home, you should go ahead and tape down the device so no one trips over it.

4. Notepad and Pens/Pencils

Believe it or not, it’s sometimes more convenient to write things down than it is to enter the information in your computer. So it’s always good to have writing paper and writing utensils on your desk at all times. You can use these tools to jot things down that just popped into your head or even make a list of things you need or things you need to do without having to bother with your computer.

5. Laptop Stand

These might not sound important, especially if you have a good sturdy desk, but they are. They’re not expensive yet they do a great job of keeping your computer at the right angle so you can see it better. This helps to reduce neck and shoulder pain and makes it more convenient to see whatever’s on the screen.

6. High-Speed Internet

High-speed Internet is a must even for small businesses because it directly affects the speed at which your work gets done. Even if you don’t have tight deadlines, the bottom line is that you’ll get a lot more work done if your Internet is fast enough. Some employers even require a specific speed before you’re allowed to work for them; this is how important Internet speed is.

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7. Headphones With Microphone and a Noise-Cancellation Feature

When it comes to must-have office equipment, this one might not sound like it should be on the list, but you’ll be surprised by how much easier and more efficient your work will be if you have one. If you talk on the phone even a little bit during the day, these headphones can save you tons of time and make switching back and forth between calls a lot more convenient.

8. Wrist Pad

If you’re going to be at your computer all day, you need a wrist pad so your hands and wrists don’t develop tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome at some point. These pads force your hands to position themselves correctly, which means you are much less likely to suffer from aches and pains now or anytime in the future.

9. Laser Printer

You need a good printer that prints out high-quality documents if you’re going to be in business for yourself. It’s even better to get a combination printer/copier/scanner if you can because it will serve many important purposes during its lifetime. While these are not the only pieces of equipment you’ll need, they are definitely some of the most important.

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