Does Dad’s Roots Beer have caffeine? Explained!

Does Dad’s Roots Beer have caffeine

There is no caffeine in Dad’s Root beer. Both the regular version as well as the diet versions are caffeine-free.

In fact, most root bears do not have caffeine in them, and if a root beer does have caffeine, it is usually that the caffeine content is added after the actual brewing process. However, the absence of caffeine in root bear has made it a popular drink among those who want to limit their caffeine intake.

Not only that, root beer is also quite popular among some religious groups. People who follow religions that forbid mind-altering substances also can drink root bears, for that matter. Mormons, for example, tend to drink it.


The ingredients in Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer include- Carbonated water, caramel colour, High fructose Corn syrup, Natural and artificial flavour, and Sodium Benzoate as a preservative.

Popular brands of root bears with no added caffeine

Very few brands add caffeine to root beers. In any case, below is a few popular brands that do not add extra sugar after the brewing process.

  1. Diet A&W Root Beer
  2. A&W Root Beer
  3. Barq’s Diet Root Beer
  4. Diet Mug Root Beer
  5. Dad’s Root Beer
  6. Diet Dad’s Root Beer
  7. Mug Root Beer

Root bears that contain caffeine

Some types of root bears do contain caffeine. Brands like Barg’s, for example, contain caffeine. Every 12 ounces contains 22mg of caffeine, and the diet version foregoes the caffeine altogether. A typical 8ounce cup of coffee has about 96mg of caffeine compared to a coffee. This is four times the amount of Barg’s. Below you can see a comparison chart.

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Name of beverageOunce of liquidAmount of Caffeine in (mg)
Barq’s12 ounces22 mg
Coffee8 ounces96 mg
Green/black tea8 ounces28-28 mg
Diet A&W Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
A&W Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
Barq’s Diet Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
Diet Mug Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
Mug Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
Diet Dad’s Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
Dad’s Root Beer  8 ounces0 mg
Barq’s Diet Root Beer8 ounces0 mg


Is Dad’s root beer Halal?

The root beer of the present-day is not alcoholic. Root beer, in essence, is typically but not exclusively non-alcoholic. Usually, when you get a root beer from a grocery store, you get more or less a soft drink which is not haram.

Can you get drunk with Dad’s root beer?

You cannot get drunk with Dad’s root beer.

What kind of sugar is used in Dad’s Root beer?

Root beer is sweetened with pure cane sugar.

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