Salesforce Mission Statement and Vision Statement Analysis 2023

SalesForce Mission statement

Salesforce’s Mission Statement is,” We bring companies and customers together. We committed our time, equity, and products to improve education, equality, and the environment for everyone.”

Salesforce’s Vision Statement is, “We’re committed to a sustainable future for all.” Inc., an American software company, is well-known as a cloud-based software system developer. In 1999, Salesforce started its journey from a tiny apartment in San Francisco. Four founders of salesforce invented a customer relationship management system that can host all types of software and critical customer data on the internet and provide a subscription service.

This model was accepted so well in the technology industry that it created a buzz – ‘SaaS or software as a service ‘. This cloud-based software system gets huge popularity and Salesforce has become the forerunner in the technology industry. Salesforce doesn’t stop as begin the trailblazer of CRM software systems, it constantly upgrades its products and features. Salesforce offers different categories of Cloud CRM services, including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Data Cloud, App Cloud, and loT. Salesforce is used by over 150,000 enterprises, both large and small, to help them build their businesses.

Salesforce Mission Statement

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The mission statement outlines the identity, brand promises, strategy, and leadership of a company. Salesforce upholds itself as the number one software company in the world by creating an actionable mission statement.

Salesforce’s Mission Statement is,” We bring companies and customers together. We committed our time, equity, and products to improve education, equality, and the environment for everyone.”

What are the elements of the Salesforce Mission Statement?

In the above-mentioned mission statement, Salesforce delineates its identity as a solution for everyone, purpose as to help in improving people’s every aspect of life and promises to connect the company with customers by investing time, equity, and products. Two key takeaways from this mission statement are:

  1. Engage customers with the company
  2. Ensure improvement in every aspect
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Engage customers with the company

Marc Benioff, CEO of declares to be a customer company as the mission of salesforce. Later elaborate the term ‘Customer Company ‘ to bring customers and employees in a platform through which the company or employees can connect with its customers from anywhere, anytime.

What Salesforce does is created one integrated CRM platform that powers an entire suite of the app. Through marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams, Salesforce maintain a seamless connection with Customer 360. Customer 360 describes a 360 view of every interaction with a customer which assists in focusing on both employees and customers. This points out one of the attributes of salesforce’s mission- to bring customers and employees together on the same platform.

This mission helps in stabilizing business reopening and delivering exceptional customer experience.

Ensure improvement in every aspect

Salesforce aims to develop people’s lives through its products and efforts. The technology they have used creates better jobs, opportunities, lives, companies, and opportunities for people. The Salesforce team launched the 1-1-1 model which commits 1% of equity, technology, and people’s time to improving education, quality, and environment for everyone. They named it a win-win-win approach that keeps their pledges. On a global scale, they also help students, families, educators, and staff by creating lifelong learner relationships.

Salesforce Vision Statement

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The vision statement represents the long-term aim and maintains the expected future spot. The vision statement reflects the company’s goals and aspirations.

Salesforce’s Vision Statement is, “We’re committed to a sustainable future for all.”

This vision statement undertakes a broad spectrum of operations. Salesforce doesn’t confine its activities to any limit. They aim to serve everyone around the world, intend to create a sustainable future for all.

The most significant instruments of this vision statement are-

  1. Sustainable Future
  2. Serve everyone

Sustainable Future 

Salesforce develops a culture and system both internally and externally through their company that ensures to fulfill of long-term commitments for the betterment of the world. They believe business is the world’s greatest platform for change.

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Serve Everyone

Salesforce is a company for everyone. They introduce as the Customer Company where every stakeholder of the company goes under the vision of the company. It creates a system in which corporate purpose is founded on a commitment to all stakeholders, not just shareholders – consumers, employees, partners, communities, the environment, and society.

How Salesforce turns its Mission and Vision into Strategy

To reach the vision and achieve the mission, Salesforce integrates every operation in one platform, ensures an environmentally friendly customer support system, and leveraging employees to create a greener world. They turn their vision into reality by creating compatible strategies. Here is a glimpse picture of it.

Work for a sustainable future

To impact sustainably in the future, Salesforce emphasizes the ethical use of technology, recognizes the direct impact of its products on the globe, and establishes a responsible internal culture and product development process.

Citizen Philanthropy and Strategic Program

To improve education for everyone, Salesforce creates a mutual partnership and relationship with schools, nonprofits, employees, and community leaders. In 2020 Salesforce foundation reaches 132,000 young people.

Develop an Equal Work Environment

Salesforce is dedicated to achieving equality for all of the stakeholders, including its employees, customers, partners, suppliers, communities, and society as a whole. At Salesforce, They create a workplace where everyone feels seen, heard, appreciated, and encouraged to succeed.

Core Values of Salesforce

Value enables employees to connect with the goal and vision. The core values of a corporation are a combination of its preferences, practices, and philosophy. The core value of a company is a strong commitment to customers, shareholders, business partners, and workers to operate with ethics, and respect, and assure that every decision is a responsible and ethical one.

Salesforce highly maintains its values. The core values are comprised of –

  1. Trust
  2. Customer Success
  3. Equality
  4. Innovation


 Salesforce describes trust as the cornerstone of success and, transparency is the essence of trust.

Customer Success

Salesforce believes in customers’ success as their aspiration for growth.

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The vision of Salesforce reflects equality practice which aims to build a workplace that looks like a society.


Salesforce is valued for nonstop innovation to get a sharpened competitive edge.


  • What is the goal of Salesforce?
  • The goal is clear and simple: to improve business relationships. According to Salesforce, “A CRM system helps businesses stay connected with customers, expedite procedures, and increase revenue.”

  • How Salesforce can benefit your business?
  • It is an integrated platform that provides AI, app development, best in class apps, connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. Salesforce can personalize experiences, Ease design and implementation at speed with high ROI solutions for any size company or industry.

  • What are the top companies in the USA that used the salesforce CRM?
  • Salesforce is used by a number of well-known businesses. Top companies from the USA use Salesforce as their reliable partner. Amazon web service, US bank. Spotify, The New York Post, American Express are the topmost client of Salesforce.

    What do you understand by App in Salesforce? 

    Consider getting a delivery package filled with your favourite goods. The app acts as a box in Salesforce, including a company’s preferred stuff such as its logo, name, and business activities. When you use Salesforce, you’ll be able to create an app that meets your specific requirements. You’ll need the help of custom tabs and usual tabs for this.


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