Analysis of Coca-Cola Mission, Vision & Values 2022

coca cola mission statement

If someone asked what are the popular drinks of the world. Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola will be the first name that comes to mind. In the beverage industry, Coca-Cola reigns over more than a hundred years. It has a history of glory and success that enrich with exemplary business strategy. American Corporation Coca-Cola started with manufacturing and selling sweetens carbonated beverages. Dr John Pemberton served the world’s first Coca-Cola at Jacobs’ Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886. Coca-Cola has its bottle and manufacturing plant in over 200 countries. This company has 200 different brands – some of them are Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, Smartwater, Costa Coffee Georgia coffee, and many more. Coca-Cola, commonly known as coke, has initiated the carbonated drinks culture in the late nineteenth which is still a synecdoche of Pleasure.

Coca-Cola Mission Statement

Every company starts with a road map- what to do, how to do that is called the mission statement. A mission statement illustrates the purpose, the idea of the company, and the endeavours it makes to attain all the fundamentals of the company.

Coca Cola’s mission statement is “To refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions, and to create value and make a difference.”

What are the key elements of Coca-Cola mission statement?

3 key elements of Coca-Cola can be identified from its mission statement.

  1. Refresh the world
  2. Make a Difference
  3. Spread Optimism and Happiness
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Refresh the world

From the very beginning of Coca-Cola, it defines the purpose as to refresh the world. It intends to refresh the body, mind, and spirit through its product and acts environmentally through its sustainable business.

Make a Difference

Coca-Cola aims to work together to create a better future for people, communities, and the planet. Coca-Cola chooses to leave a legacy for the plant by making difference through sustainable business and positive social impact

Spread Optimism and Happiness

Over time Coca-Cola promotes happiness through campaigns. It has been established as the universal icon of happiness. Coca-Cola Corporation always has something intriguing for its customers which enrich happiness.

Coca-Cola Vision Statement

A vision statement reflects the anticipated future picture of the company.

Coca-Cola Vision Statement is, “Our vision is to craft the brands and choice of drinks that people love, to refresh them in body & spirit. And done in ways that create a more sustainable business and better-shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet.”

Coca-Cola’s vision statement depicts to be a driving force for change and development both in and out of its industry. This vision statement aspires to:

  1. Create Sustainable Business
  2. Impact on lives

Create Sustainable Business

Coca-Cola reflects its business mission and vision through its business operation. Sustainable business practice leads to a global position. To become sustainable, they reduce sugar consumption, maintain a water balance by improving water security where it is needed most, and minimize carbon emissions. Coca-Cola has been working for a better future which enhances brand visibility.

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Impact on lives

Coca-Cola develops cutting-edge excellence in ingredients, innovation, design, and marketing which enables people to love the brand. Coca-Cola creates opportunities for people and communities by investing in leadership across categories in brands, acting locally and worldwide, and developing strong business alliances. All these initiatives uphold its brand value around the world.

Core Values of Coca-Cola

Core values serve as a guide for the behaviours of a company and describe how they interact with others.

A strong internal culture is essential for a firm not only to survive but also to stay at the top of the global rankings. Coca-Cola constantly proves itself as the iconic brand through the upright to the core values.

Coca-Cola’s core values include –

  1. Leadership
  2. Collaboration
  3. Integrity
  4. Accountability
  5. Passion
  6. Diversity
  7. Quality

Coca-Cola ideally cherishes positive relationships both inside and outside of the company. It facilities so that employees may share ideas, discuss, and produce high-quality results. They develop an independent work environment where workers and investors are encouraged to do tasks, share ideas, and be accountable.


  • Does Coca-Cola Company’s mission statement change over time?
  • Coca-Cola operating its business for more than 120 years but still has the same mission and vision that they are following. In 1886, Dr. Jhon Pembarton first innovate the idea of refreshment which is the present mission statement of Coca-Cola

  • What are the objectives of Coca-Cola?
  • Coca-goals Cola’s objectives are to “refresh the world,” “inspire moments of optimism and happiness,” and “create value and make a difference.” According to the brand, “over the next ten years and beyond” is at the heart of these goals and objectives.

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  • What is the Coca-Cola Company’s long-term strategy?
  • The Coca-Cola Company announced strategic initiatives to reorganize the Coca-Cola system to execute its Beverages for Life strategy, which includes a portfolio of drinks positioned to capture growth in a rapidly changing marketplace.

  • How was Coca-Cola Company’s mission statement established?
  • Coca-Cola first appeared on store awnings, along with the word “Drink,” to let visitors know that the new beverage was intended for soda fountain refreshment. From the very beginning, Coca-Cola made it clear that its mission and vision is to bring refreshment. 


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