50 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2023 (Wisely Picked)

business ideas in bangladesh

Are you looking for business ideas that suit Bangladesh? Maybe, you are searching on google and reading lots of articles to get the best business ideas in Bangladesh that fit you.

But you have failed to get a real business idea with a small investment. Because the internet is overloaded with copy-paste ideas that are not perfect for you. Even articles on business ideas are full of conventional thinking.

Nobody is sharing real worthwhile valuable ideas that can make you start a real business with immense possibilities.

I am here with ideas that are tested to be successful. I will share traditional, non-traditional, creative, and potential business ideas that can be a jump to start a real business.

I researched for a long time to write this one. Okay, let’s start reading this article till the end to get ideas with real suggestions.

How To Get Business Ideas

The easiest way to find out business ideas is to identify problems. Every problem has a potential business opportunity if you can solve them through business. If you want to get business ideas for Bangladesh, first identify the major problems of Bangladesh and address them through the business model.

Finding business ideas is not difficult. The difficult thing is execution. If you search google you will get lots of business ideas but without the execution of the ideas, you will not be able to earn a single penny from thousands of business ideas.

The business could be of two types: for-profits and not-for-profits. But you must keep in mind that any business that is not profitable is not sustainable. So do not incline to not-for-profits or social businesses.

Before Starting Any Business

Before starting a start-up or initiative, think about its scalability. Scalability means will you be able to extend this business or scale this business over time. If an idea is not scalable, it will not transform into big business. So you should think about its scalability.

Another thing is skillset requires for a business. Some businesses can be executed without skills, again some businesses can not be performed without skill sets.

The more difficult skills are required, the less competition will be there. If you start a business that requires skill, you will get some privileges. One of them is low competition. You can grow quickly.

You must ensure the online presence of your business if you want to scale your business quickly. The research said that online business grows exponentially. That’s why you will see most of the billionaires from online & IT-related businesses.

The last but not least point is Honesty. Honesty is the soul capital of any business. Without honesty, you will fail eventually.

Investment Requirements For Business Ideas

The ideas I enlisted here need a low to medium level of investment. Some ideas could be executed with very minimum investment, again some ideas require remarkable investment. It depends on ideas. When you will explore the whole article, you will understand it better.

The ideas which require skills can be executed with low investment and business that does not require skill need a good investment.

The complicated ideas need low investment, here investment is your brain or skills. With intellectual investment, you can do good in some businesses.

Normally I did not enlist traditional businesses that need huge investments. I tried to list those ideas that require low to medium levels of investment.

Profits Depend On How Big Is Problem That You Are Solving

Some people ask how I can be a billionaire, the answer is simple. If you can solve a billion dollars problems, you can be a billionaire easily. You cannot be a billionaire by solving a million dollars problems. The earning potential depends on how big the problem is!


1. Fashion House

The fashion house is a sort of company that specializes in the design and selling of high-fashion clothes and accessories.

As Bangladesh is a garments exporter country with long experience in readymade garments, So starting a fashion house could be a good option available for you. In our research, we saw fashion houses are doing well. There is an urban trend of wearing non-conventional clothes among the youth. If you can design beautiful clothes like Panjabi, Shirt, a Salwar kameez, or a three-piece, you don’t have to be looking back.

For starting this, you don’t need a massive amount of investment. Even you do not have to rent a space primarily. Just create a Facebook page, share your design with your friends and followers and get the sale.

You may need to be boosted on Facebook to get more customers. But It is very easy today.


  • Design skills
  • Ability to connect with Facebook page.

Investment: 1 lac BDT to enough for a good start

2. Open a Toy Shop

Toys are becoming very popular day by day. The toy market is growing. It is a very profitable niche. Most of the toys come from China. China can manufacture toys at a very cheap rate. So, if you import bulk orders, the average price will be cheaper. So, your profit margin will be higher.

One thing you must keep in mind is that toys are for babies only. So, you must analyze the market trend because old-fashioned toys and outdated toys will be caused to fail your business. Now babies like uncommon toys at a cheap rate.


  • Market analysis
  • Knowledge about product import

Investment: 1-2 lacs BDT

3. Small Coffee Shop

Nowadays, many people in Bangladesh are used to having coffee. But there are very few coffee shops in comparison to its demand. Coffee is now famous both in cities and villages. Mainly it is an excellent opportunity for Dhaka city.

There are many types of coffee, like black, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, Doppio, red-eye, cortado, lungo, etc. If you can make here to for types of coffee, you can hit the customers.

If you have a good hand in making coffee and can rent a small space for a shop in a good position, his business is perfect for you.

A Good Location Is Very Important for coffee shops. Especially, near the college or university or schools, the park or commercial areas, and residential areas where there are no good coffee shops.

One thing you must ensure, and that is the environment. People especially like to have coffee in a calm and relaxed environment. If you can manage the chair and table for customers, that will be great.

Skills: Coffee-making skills (you can learn Them quickly)

Investment: 1.5-2 lacs is enough for a small shop.

Estimated monthly profit: 40-50 thousand BDT per month.

4. Small Scale Restaurant Business

With the rise of the middle class, the tendency to go to a restaurant is increasing day by day among the people of Bangladesh, especially, among the youth. So, people always search for a good restaurant to have food. Sometimes Dhaka is called the city of the restaurant, nonetheless, the restaurant business is profitable. Good restaurants mean not only good food but also a pleasant environment.

If you provide tasty foods but if there is no proper environment, you will not get quality customers. Good restaurants mean good quality + pleasant environment.

For this, you should decorate your restaurant in an excellent way which will help you to get customers.


  • Good chape to have tasty foods
  • Good environment and location

Investment: 2-3 lacs BDT

Estimated profit: 50-1 lacs

5. Cosmetic Shop For Girl

If you are an extrovert girl, this business is perfect for you. With the immense popularity of social media, selling cosmetics products is very easy now.

With minimum or no investment, you can open up a cosmetic shop. What does need to do? Just open a Facebook page, engage with the audience and get the sale.

The popular way is to go live with products and describe the pros and cons to the audience. You will see people would comment in your live program and order items. I know personally many girls who earn a handsome amount doing this business.

This business is now trending in Bangladesh. Because It is easy to start and has on average 50% profit means if a product price is 100 Taka, you can quickly sell It for 150 takas.

You should be

  • Extrovert (extrovert beautiful girl will get privilege)
  • Knowhow of to promote your page like you can tell your audience that if they share your life they will get a discount. That’s it.

Investment: you may contact with a cosmetics shop to give you some trendy products. You just sell items and pay for them. No investment is required.

Estimated profit: 50 thousand to 1 lac

 6. Specialized Ice Cream Shop

A specialized ice cream shop means you will just sell ice cream, nothing else. For this business, you need a space in the right location. You will keep ice cream from all available brands. You will see the boom!

Having ice cream is growing in urban culture, even in a village. Profits will depend on where the location of your shop is and what is the environment.

You can add coffee with ice cream too. It will enhance your profit.

You need to do-

  • Select a good location
  • Collect all the ice cream brands
  • Deep freeze for keeping ice cream

Investment: 3 to 4 lacs taka.

Profit: 50 thousand up.

7. Used Products: Buy And Sell

This is another business opportunity for you. You can open up a shop for buying and selling second-hand products. It is a very profitable business.

With the offline shop, you can open up a website too like bikroy.com. If you can build trust, you can grow your business smoothly.

You can buy second-hand laptops, computers, mobile, televisions, accessories, or any electronic device and sell it to people with profit.

Investment: it depends

Profit: 50k is easily possible.

8. Open a Juice Bar

Opening a juice bar can make you rich. Drinking juice is a fashion now. As the weather in Bangladesh is hot, people want to have juice to meet their thirst.

If you want to make your juice shop popular, you must make juice from all the fruits. If you have all the items in your shop, then people will come from a distance to have juice from your shop.

A small space is enough to start such a business. A single shop can make hundreds of thousands of taka per month.

With a low investment, you can start this. The most proportion of investment will go into purchasing blending machines and packaging equipment.

Your shop must be environmentally friendly. You must use the paper made a cup for single-time use to deliver the juice. The cup design should be well-packed and elegant. As your target customer is the elite class, so you have to maintain their standards and price too.

Investment: 3-5 lacs


  1. A good location
  2. Most of the juice
  3. Environment-friendly and good designed Cup
  4. Equipment needed for making juice

Profit: 1 lac +

9. T-shirt Business

The T-shirt business is as popular as before. Its trend is always upward. Wearing a trendy T-shirt is a fashion in the urban middle and higher middle class.

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You must uniquely design your T-shirt. Unique quotes, Contemporary issues may reflect in T-shirt. Young generation like this. If you use the right fabric and good design your -shirt will hit the market.

I can name many famous T-shirt brands in Bangladesh that started their business with low investment but their T-shirt made their brand famous.

As the online market is accessible, you can quickly get the customer by promoting your T-shirt.

Investment: 2 lacs

Profit: 50 thousand, even more

10. Customized Gift Shop

A customized gift is a global trend. People want to send customized gifts to their near and dear. Customized gifts are sometimes called personalized gifts.

A customized gift means gift items that carry a person’s name and monogram. A personalized gift can be of a variety of colors, styles, and designs to meet personal preferences. Especially the seller took the order and then make it as per the buyer’s instructions.

People send personalized gifts to make near and dear excited. The seller can make a huge profit from these products. 100%-300% profit is possible from an order.

The business owner generally uses technology to design personalized gift items. The latest technology is 3D printing which is a revolutionary invention for all kinds of customization.

If you have a shortage of funds, then you can do this business from home via online promotion.

11. Travel Agency

Starting a travel agency is the easiest way to earn a handsome amount of money. Once upon a time, starting a travel agency needed colossal investment and ticketing knowledge like learning GDS software such as Galileo, Amadeus, and Sabre. Booking itineraries, issuing, reissuing, and refunding was excellent headache for travel agents. Besides, a civil aviation license and an IATA license was a significant barrier to starting a travel agency.

But with the rise of an online travel agency (OTA), Starting a ticketing business is just a matter of funds, now you may have partial payment options from the OTA platform. You can start with low investment, you do not need coding knowledge or software knowledge.

You can make a list of reliable OTAs from Bangladesh and can be their online agent. There are a few trusted OTA companies like Amy bd, Share trip, Flyhub, Flight expert, etc. For starting a business, you need a trade license only. This is the most secret information nobody share. I disclose the info. Now go ahead and start the business.

I know personally many agencies who make more than one lac taka per month just doing this business in the following way.

Investment: 2-10 lacs

Profit: more than 1 lac

12. Pet Shop

The Pet industry is billions of dollar industry globally. Like western countries, pet is so prevalent in the urban middle and higher middle class. The elite class keeps cats, dogs, and birds in their house.

In comparison to its demand, there are scarce pet shops in Dhaka city or Chittagong city. If you can build a pet shop for buying and selling pets and pet foods or pet medicine, I can ensure that your business will grow tremendously within a concise time.

Besides selling pet supplies, and buying, and selling pets, you can extend your business by doing pet treatment. You can’t imagine how valuable this idea is! You can do research on your own too.

Investment: below five lacs

Profits: more than 1 lac

13. Tattoo Studio

You may get astonished to hear this idea. But the reality is Tattoo studio is a big idea for Bangladesh now.

Once upon a time, Tattoo was a story of the western world. Now many young Bangladeshi girls and boys draw tattoos on their bodies, and it is getting more popular day by day.

But there are very few numbers of the studio than its demand. If you start a tattoo studio, this can be a big hit.

As this business is new to Bangladesh, so you can make a huge profit if you can be the first mover in this industry.

As a tattoo is a trend among the elite class, so you can charge a fair and significant amount for them. I think it is a big idea for those who want to do non-traditional business.

14. Customize Furniture Shop

Customizing a furniture shop is a great idea for you if you have enough funds. Now people do not like to buy ready-made furniture. Customers want to customize furniture how they like.

Every house, office, outlet, shop, or organization needs furniture to decorate their spaces. So demand is rising with time.

But you should find your niche first. Who are your target customers? To find out the niche, you should have to make a market analysis and find out the market gap. Look at your competitors and what they are not offering and the missing or weak points of their business. Then start your own business to fulfill that gap.

You can start a brick-and-barter shop or an online shop. But the position is important for a physical shop.

You should have the capability to make custom design, and you should have uniqueness in your design.

15. Non-Traditional Product Import

Import business is always profitable if you know which product to import and when to import. A non-traditional product means a unique product that has a market demand but is not available in the market.

China is the best country to import any product at a low cost. But you have to reach the right place and the right person.

If you want to get product ideas you can join the world’s biggest Canton fair which takes place in China. There are thousands of outlets there and a thousand types of products are found there. You can easily find what product will hit the Bangladeshi market.

Otherwise, you can research market trends and product gaps. Which product has demand but is not available? Just import that product.

The non-traditional product includes the latest tech products too such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, and any latest products which can create a buzz in the local market.

16. Mosquito Coil

Dengue fever is a severe issue in Bangladesh. Thousands of people die every year because of dengue. Besides mosquito problem is a year-long problem. You can sell coils wholesale to small businesses.

17. Mobile Banking Agent

Mobile banking is very popular in Bangladesh. All classes of people use mobile banking. Bkash, rocket, Nagad, Ukash, etc. is not only popular in the local area, but also it is widely accepted in urban area.

Billions of Taka are transacted per day through mobile banking. This industry is vertically growing because of mass financial inclusion throughout the country.

If you can open a shop with all the mobile banking services, it will hit normally. Besides mobile banking, you can sell sim cards, and flex loads of all mobile operators which will increase profit margin.

This business is very easy to start and the profit from this business is satisfactory according to market research on many small business owners.

You need a trade license and some capital like 1 lac Bangladeshi taka is enough to go. I think people who are searching for a new business but have no skills and technical know-how can work on it.

18. Fuska And Chotpoty Business

Fuchka and Chokpoty are trendy street food in the subcontinent. Urban as well as village people like to have fresh and healthy Fuchka and Chotpoty.

But people who are doing this business are unaware of its quality. Most of the Fuchka and Chotpoty are unhealthy. Health-aware people abandon such unhealthy foods. This is where you have a business opportunity.

If you can build a Fuchka shop out of healthy items like freshwater, and fresh masalas then this will fill the existing quality loop.

Very low Investment is required here. You just need to know how to process everything and make it tasty.

If you can deliver tasty Fuchka and Chotpoty with the processing of clean and fresh ingredients, then this will be a great business opportunity for you. Just go ahead.

19. Coaching Business

The coaching business is one of the most profitable businesses in Bangladesh. As a private tutor is expensive, a quality coaching center is cost-saving and beneficial for students.

Coaching centres maybe two types

  • Admission coaching center
  • Academic coaching center

The admission coaching center aims to make students get a chance in high-ranked schools, colleges, and universities. On the other hand, the main goal of academic coaching is to make the student a good grade in their class or JSC, PSC, JDC, SSC, and HSC exams.

Some coaching center makes an unbelievable profit, you can’t even imagine. I can name some of them like UDVASH, FOCUS, RETINA, and UCC. These are the name of giants.

Many small coaching centers are making good. As far I know most of the coaching centres are in profit. The risk of failure in the coaching business is very low.

But before you start a coaching business, you must ensure

  • A good number of teachers
  • Good environment classroom
  • A good location
  • A good brand name
  • An effective exam system.

You can make huge bucks from the coaching business as it has immense potential in Bangladesh.

20. Local Delivery Company

With the rise of online business, specially F-commerce, having delivery of the product is a significant concern for the small business owner.

There are many delivery companies in Dhaka city, but the number is low in comparison to its demand. So, it is an excellent business opportunity.

If you want to sustain yourself in the delivery business, you must point out the weak points of the competitors and ensure your company will not do those mistakes.

  • Firstly, you must deliver the on time of the product.
  • Your delivery charge should be reasonable
  • You must pay the business owner right time
  • You must have strong management

If you can ensure the above things with trust, you will not feel the scarcity of customers. Because social media is full of small businesses and every business owner needs to deliver their product.

21. Homemade Foods

There is a reasonable demand for homemade food in the market in Bangladesh because homemade food is fresh and has good taste.

Health-aware people want to have homemade food. They are not interested in readymade shop foods as it is most of the time adulterated and unhealthy.

If you can cook well any of the specific recipes, it can be any kind of cake, chutney or food. If you can promote it in the right way, your business will click people because the market demands it.

Home-makers moms can make extra money doing this smart business. Satisfying customers and making profits in exchange.

You can give it a try if you have a good hand in cooking!

22. Online Book Shop

Selling books is a smart business from the time ancient. Bangladeshi online book market is growing as rokomari.com and others doing good.

The online book shop it easy to start a business and a very small initial investment is required. How? You will just take orders then collect books and deliver—the simple equation of business.

But as a bookshop is a broad niche, you may select a specific category for which genre of books you will promote to sell. You should research it yourself.

I can help you suggest selling classical Islamic books. The demand for classical Islamic books is growing and there is no competitor. You can use this opportunity.

Otherwise, you can choose a trendy category and which genre to promote. I think you will find it. Just by organic promotion, you can sell considerable books to nears and dears and friends.

Selling books means keeping yourself in touch of books. So, it is an excellent business for your personal growth too.

23. Online Tuition Media Agency

Every student needs a private tutor. Possibly you will not get a single student with a private tutor. But finding a private tutor is a hustle for some jobs because of fraud. Even many guardians do not know how to hire an excellent private tutor.

As hiring a private tutor is a problem for students and guardians, if you can solve this problem, then it can be converted into a good business.

How can you do it? Yes, you can collect background information likes bio-data from interested tutors and archive it systematically. When any guardian will knock on you for a tutor, you can check your database and call a qualified tutor based on the requirement of the guardian.

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But how will you make a profit? Yes. It is a straightforward process. You can monetize it in various ways. Firstly, you can collect subscription fees from tutors and guardians to get your service. Secondly, you can take a percentage of the tuition salary. It can be 20% or 30% of the total one month’s salary after ensuring tuition or after getting the first-month salary.

I know personally, that many-body are doing well by doing this business. But they are not professional. If you start this business professionally by making a website, you can do much better than them.

24. Online Dollar And Gift Card Buy-Sell

With the rise of the online market, many youths are engaging in online business. People who are doing business in the online market, need dollars for purchasing something or need to sell dollars to withdraw local currency.

Many freelancers earning money online who need to withdraw cash and again many bodies are spending money to purchase goods and services or other purposes.

But they do not have a trusted source of buying or selling dollars. As the Bangladeshi online market is full of scammers, so it is very difficult to purchase or sell dollars in a time of urgency.

Many people are facing scamming at the time of buying or selling. So people are looking for a trusted medium or website to buy or sell. This is where the business opportunity lies.

If you can build a trusted site for buying or selling dollars like skrill, Netteller, PayPal, web money, Payoneer, or bitcoin, then this is a huge market opportunity.

You can make more than one lac per month by doing this business because there is an immense demand for online dollars.

You should keep in mind that you are helping freelancers by doing this buy-sell business.

But you must not scam and before starting this business, you must abide by Bangladesh bank’s rules and regulations.

You can sell gift cards too with dollars. Many people need gift cards for purchasing services online. You can sell it also. It will increase your profit.

I know personally, a Bangladeshi Facebook page which is selling all kinds of gift cards like amazon, google play, iTunes, eBay, etc. gift cards.

25. Online Nursery

An online nursery is a new idea. Urban people are now interested in planting trees in rooftops or balconies or beside their residences as a part of a tree plantation.

But buying tree plants is a big problem for them. You know moving with plants is not easy. So, they are looking for a solution.

If you can open an online nursery and upload photos of the plant, then people will buy plants from you. You just deliver the plant to their location.

I know personally a person who is doing this business and doing good financially. I think you can do it more professionally then this can be a great business opportunity.

You can add rooftop design, and landscape design services with an online nursery or gardening startup. I think this is a great green business.

26. Internet Service Provider

Every house, shop, and organization needs an internet and dish network. It is a comparatively competitive business but there is an opportunity to do good in this business.

You can do this business everywhere in Bangladesh. But competition is higher in cities and urban areas. If you can target villages for business. There is an excellent chance to do good in this business.

Villages have relatively low competition in this business. Village people also need broadband service but there is no good service provider in most of the communities.

If you can start this business in the right location professionally then you can make a good return from it.

27. Make A YouTube Channel

Youtubing is very popular in Bangladesh. Most of the people of Bangladesh watch videos on youtube. Some research says people spend more time on youtube than any other social media.

Although making a youtube channel is a trend in Bangladesh but there is an excellent scope to start a youtube channel as a business.

The exciting thing about YouTubing and blogging is passive income. If you can make a popular channel then you can generate millions of dollars from a youtube channel.

Opening a youtube channel is very easy, but making videos and selecting the right niche is difficult.

If you want to make a career in the youtube business, you must choose and select the right niche. Now the question is how to select a perfect niche!

Yes, this is a matter of research. You must choose a topic that people search for and are interested in. You can see google trends and keyword research for selecting a low, competitive niche.

I know personally a Bangladesh guy earning 15 lacs taka per month from a single youtube channel. How? Yes, because this guy selected the right niche like fishing.

Fishing is the most profitable niche for youtube because most people are interested in fishing.

You should be uploading videos regularly and when you would reach 4000 hours of watch time, then you can apply for AdSense monetization of your channel.

You must keep in mind selecting a youtube channel niche:

  • Avoid music-related niches. Because advertisers do not spend here,
  • Avoid educational channels if you can not ensure good quality.
  • Select niches like fishing, bizarre things, history, uncommon topics where there are no big competitors, and good content or videos.
  • Select a low, competitive niche.
  • The best way is to research keywords and niches.

28. Start Photography

It is proved in the 21st century that photography also can be a good business. If you have a DSLR camera and have a good passion for photography, you can make it a career.

There are many famous sites where you can sell your outstanding photography. Besides, you can do a wedding photograph for money.

Almost every event needs a good photograph. If you have a strong network, you will get a call from lots of organizations and people to make their event photographs.

A good DSLR camera is priced at less than 1 lac BDT, you can do photography business within this budget. I am earning potential also very good. I know someone who makes, on average, 50 thousand takas per month.

29. Forex Trading

Forex trading is the riskiest but one of the most profitable businesses too. Globally many traders earn millions of dollars per month by forex trading.

To achieve such skills in trading, you have to keep patience and control in yourself. You have to be relaxed and calm if you want to succeed in forex trading.

Many Bangladeshi guys are doing good in forex trade, although the infrastructure is not ready yet to flourish this business.
Forex bd, forex help bd, and forex school bd are some of the popular Facebook groups in Bangladesh.

Before understanding forex trading, never invest in this business, you will lose eventually. If you want to do this business, you must understand how currency rates get ups and downs and how the forex market works.

You must select a good broker like IC market, and Tickmill; Exness is the great broker you can work with without hesitation.

You need Skrill or Netteller account to deposit without funds.

Note that forex trading is a precarious business, do not invest if you do not know the market mechanism.

30. Corporate Training Business

Corporate training is a huge business opportunity in Bangladesh. Arranging paid training events for job seekers, employers, employees and businesspeople on a specific topic can open up your luck. A day-long corporate training fee for a single participant can be more than 10 thousand BDT.

Someone joins training sessions for getting jobs, someone for a promotion, and someone for starting a business. People want to learn from experts. You can convert this opportunity into a great company.

A lot of organizations are making huge profits from corporate groom-up training events. Social media made it so easy to collect participants.

How can you do it? Yes, the process is pretty simple. You need an expert or a couple of experts who will train up participants. It can be day-long or 2 hours, 4 hours or 5 hours, or half-day sessions.

You may boost 100 or 200 dollars on Facebook to collect participants if you can easily manage 100 participants for a training session. If you receive 5 thousand BDT from participants, you can receive 5 lacs taka from 100 participants for a single day.

You can pay 1 lac taka to trainers and 1 lac for hall room booking and snacks. Three lacs taka is pure profit from a day-long training session.

Business communication, sector-wise skill development, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship training has a good demand. First, you need to select a good topic on which people want to pay to learn from professionals.

You can generate unbelievable profits from this business if you can do it professionally. This is the opportunity nobody talks about. I disclosed the secret. Just work on it.

31. Ecommerce Shop

E-commerce is easy to start business opportunity for Bangladesh. Building an eCommerce site is pretty straightforward. You can do it personally using WordPress. If you cannot do it yourself, you can hire a freelancer to design your website within the budget.

Just select a niche that you want to sell and promote it in social media. You may get remarkable sales from social media. At the same time, do SEO and rank keywords on google, and you will get deals organically.

You may sell baby items on your e-commerce site or anything else. If you can work the right way, this may generate a massive profit with very low investments.

If you work with vision and honesty, you can do good eventually with an e-commerce business. Mind it; honesty is the main source of business in any industry.

32. Freelancing Training Agency

As the unemployment rate is high in Bangladesh, the popularity of freelancing is increasing day by day. Bangladesh ranked 5th in the global freelancing market. Now the youth are trying to do something independently. You can take this opportunity to help children and unemployed persons with your freelancing agency and can generate huge profits by product.

You can teach freelancing skills to people. This is a massive market in Bangladesh. Hundreds of freelancing agencies are working on it and still, it is a profitable business.

You must keep in mind that quality first. Most of the freelancing institute lacks quality and their main weak point is they do not provide quality training for freelancing. If you can fill that gap, it will boost your business.

Freelancing agencies that provide quality like Soft-Tech-it or creative IT institutes are leading the freelancing market of Bangladesh and earning huge profits you can not imagine.

Generally freelancing training agencies train students on

  • Graphics design
  • Web design
  • Affiliate market
  • Video editing
  • Apps development
  • 3D animations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search engine optimization

33. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable business in Bangladesh now. You can not imagine how much an affiliate marketer earns per month. I know many marketers who are earning 10 thousand plus USD per month just by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of blogging and promoting other products to earn commissions. Affiliate marketers of Bangladesh generally promote amazon products due to massive sales and trust.

The primary skill you need to start affiliate marketing is SEO skills. You will launch a website, publish content and get ranked on google and other search engine and if someone buy any products, you will get a commission for it. That’s the process.

The chronological process of starting affiliate marketing is-

  • Keyword research
  • Selecting a low, competitive niche that can be ranked easily on google
  • Purchasing a brandable domain and high-speed hosting
  • Launching websites and publishing content regularly.
  • Making basic on-page and off-page SEO
  • Getting backlinks from other website owners or buying backlinks from them
  • Rank on google and get sales and earn

You can sell an affiliate site 30x of the last 6 months’ earnings. Many Bangladeshi marketers sell six figures sites on Flippa and FE internationals.

Lastly, affiliate marketing is a billion dollars industry. So, if you can learn this business, you will be successful financially at the end of the day.

34. Adsense Blogging

Blogging is the smartest business that I ever found. Anyone who likes to write can start blogging and can be productive if they can do it right away.

You can start a blog site on any topic and monetize it through Google Adsense or other advertising channels. The only thing you need is organic traffic or visitor on your website.

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Like affiliate marketing, a blogger can earn six figures yearly and live a flexible life based on passive income.

The most exciting thing in the blogging business is passive income. You will be generating from your website even though you are not working actively.

The earning potential of blogging depends on the cost per click (CPC) and search volume of the keywords.

So, like affiliate marketing, you must research keywords before you start a blog if you want to earn quickly and easily.

Okay, you are good at writing, start blogging on your favorite topic, and earn from blog monetization.

I think blogging is a way you can contribute to society intellectually. You can write about things that you are an expert in.

35. Provide Lunch In Corporate Offices

Providing quality launches to corporate offices could be a good business model for you. Every corporate office needs to launch for their offices. You can make it a real, sustainable business.

You can target corporate offices in a specific area and contact management about your food business. If you can manage a few offices, it could be an excellent business for generating profits.

A corporate office has hundreds of employees and workers. Generally, corporate offices manage launches from somewhere else for your employees.

If you can provide healthy foods and comparatively cheap items than others, you can easily make contact with them.

It is a modern-day business idea. It can work on it if you are interested in this type of business.

36. Writing Agency

You can start a writing agency for freelance writing. People need Articles, blogs, assignments, and research papers for their websites and other purposes. Many people are searching for a reliable writing agency to write, rewrite, and copyright content.

The thing you need is a group of writers. You can hire them locally, or you can manage from an online marketplace like freelancer.com, upwork.com or fiverr.com, etc.

You would just take orders from clients and write them by your agency writers. This is a pretty simple procedure.

One thing you must ensure is the quality of content. Your clients may ask for revisions; you must make them happy.

I know many people and agencies who are doing good by writing services. If you can do it more professionally, it could be a huge business opportunity for you.

There is a massive demand for content in Bangladesh; especially, see it in material writing-related social media groups. People post for writers in AMZ affiliate Bangladesh, giant marketers, content writers of Bangladesh, and many more Facebook groups. You may act on this group and work with trust.

37. Vertical farming

Vertical farming is a new but potential business idea. It is getting immense popularity in urban cities of Bangladesh. You can make it a business model, and as a first mover, you will get the advantage here.

Vertical farming refers to growing crops in vertically stacked layers. The main aim is to optimize growing plants in a controlled environment. It added a new dimension to the field of agriculture.  Vertical farming includes Hydroponics, Aquaponics Aeroponics, etc.

You can lease buildings for vertical farming if you do not have enough space. It is a new form of agriculture in the 21st century.

The main benefits include higher productivity in a smaller area, shorter growing time, less use of water, and fresh crops produced closer to where they would be consumed. You can read more about vertical farming to understand it clearly.

38. Online medical shop

Online medical shop is gaining popularity with the rise of digitization. We have seen a few initiatives in recent years. Some of the businesses get fame.

The main advantage of the online medical shop is you can contact a dispensary when you would get an order you can deliver it from them. You do not need storage or stock of drugs.

If you have a brick-and-mortar medicine shop, then this extension of business will bring more sales and popularity to your dispensary.

You can start this online dispensary anywhere in Bangladesh. Launching this in the periphery or villages is not a bad idea.

If you can manage a doctor and can provide on-demand suggestions for patients, that will help you to grow this business.

39. Rent Wedding Dresses

Wearing a gorgeous wedding dress is a trend in the whole of Bangladesh, especially Dhaka. If you can collect a variety of elegant wedding dresses, you can rent them as a side business.

Because the bride and bridegroom want gorgeous get up and look on their special day. But people do not want to spend much money on a single day. If they can rent a wedding dress that will save them money.

Online advertising can be the primary source of collecting customers. Each day many people get married. If you can advertise adequately, you will not feel a lack of customers.

Artificial Tree And Flower-Making Business

Artificial trees and flowers are famous for decorating corporate offices, houses, private cars, weddings, ceremonies, birthday parties, and so on. People want to enhance beauty by artificial trees and flowers.

If you have a good command of this skill, you can start a business and handsome profits.

One of the advantages of the artificial flower is it stays longer than the original bulbs. Original flowers can be shrunk, but artificial flower does not damage. It remains the same after a long time.

Polyester is the common element of artificial flowers and trees, and plastic is also used to make various parts.

Artificial flowers can be sold in an offline shop and online too. But you can promote it properly through online channels; it will bring huge sales.

40. Online Newspaper

Online newspapers can be one of the smart business ideas for you. You can cover viral news in your online journal. By sharing news links on social media, you can drive massive traffic to your website.

At the same time, you can target low, competitive keywords and rank on google. If you can get massive traffic through organic and referral mediums, your earning potential will increase.

You can monetize your online newspaper in various ways.

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid contents
  • Sponsored ads
  • Contracted ads based on traffic
  • Selling product
  • Providing services

41. Flower Shop

The flower is a human attraction from ancient times. The flower is beautiful, and it spreads fragrance.

People purchases flowers on various occasions. Even people like to gift their beloved flowers as it is a symbol of love and purity. You will not find any people who dislike flowers.

So, if you start a flower shop in a good location, it can be a smart business opportunity. Especially, Bangladeshi people purchase bulk amounts of flowers for wedding festivals and programs to decorate stages.

There is a market for flowers in Bangladesh. So, if you are interested you can move on. The main thing that you must be aware of is keeping flowers fresh and stocking the optimum amount that would be sold out without hustle.

42. Web Design Agency

Web designing is a golden business in Bangladesh now and in future. With the immense competition in the global market, the profit margin decreases from before, but there is a huge opportunity to do good doing this business in the future.

If you are an expert in web design and work in the freelance marketplace, this idea is perfect for you. You can hire some expert designers under you, and you can manage an agency as a whole.

People started to build personal websites, and they will be more popular soon. You have an excellent opportunity in local and the global market too.

I know many agencies you can not imagine how much money they make each month doing this business.

43. Fish Farming Business

If you have a pond and enough space for cultivating fish, you can start the fish farming business commercially. First, choose a good location and analyze the water and environment, whether it is perfect for fish farming or not. Then decide the right species of fish to cultivate and get healthy fingerling. Find out the correct feeding for fish and sell them when they have grown up enough.

The fishing business is the best business for depressed people. It is such an original and mind-blowing business idea that can make you productive and mentally happy.

44. Digital Marketing Agency

The digital marketing agency is one of the most potential business ideas in Bangladesh now. You can serve Bangladesh as well as serve global clients.

Website owners and established companies need various digital marketing services. Digital marketing services include social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing email marketing, etc.

Digital marketing encompasses all sorts of marketing that take place in electronic media or the internet. The scope of Digital marketing is vast. Many digital marketing agencies make millions of dollars and more per month.

45. App Development Business

Every organization irrespective of small or big need an app for their business. If you are skilled in programming and app development, starting an app development farm could be your profession.

An app can be monetized through Google Admob and have the potential to do good. If you can make an app on the right niche and market it in the united states, you can sell digital products and huge money.

I have seen personally in a Facebook group that by a single app, a person earns thousands of dollars per month. 

46. Manpower Business

If you have zero investment, but you need to earn money, you can do the manpower business. Exporting manpower to middle east countries is a huge business. The thing you need is honesty and trust in yourself.

You have to be a broker of a trusted manpower company that has GVT. License. If you can send one person, you can earn 30-40 thousand BDT easily. There is no investment you needed in this business. Just collect people who are interested in going overseas.

If you buy a VISA at three lacs BDT, you can quickly sell it for three lacs and 50 thousand BDT. After getting payment from the client, you may pay the manpower company.

Note: you should have the patience to do this business, people will bore you by calling again and again and complaining to you about many things, you must solve your client’s problem. You must not tell a lie to your clients.

47. Tour Guides Business

Starting a tour guide business is a good idea. If you want to work in the tourism industry, launching a tour guide business could be a good option.

Many foreigners visit Bangladesh. They search for a tour guide agency if you can supply a tour guide that will make good profits.

What you need is to train some guides who are bilingual and have a good knowledge of geography and historical places. You may run a website and rank on google for some keywords to get clients.

48. Clothe Shop

Starting a clothing shop is a standard business in Bangladesh. You know well about this business. After all, this business is profitable yet. What you can do is run a Facebook page with your brick-and-mortar cloth shop. It will increase your sales. And you can choose the right clothing niche such as T-shirts, only pants, Baby Items, etc. Baby item is trendy and has the right profit margin in this niche.

49. Belt And Money Bag Business

The young generation wants to have a luxurious belt and wallet. If you can make or outsource this product from anywhere else, it will hit the market.

You will be able to sell it on the offline market as well as the online market. These types of products are prevalent in the online market. You can give a try!

50. Baby And Mother Product Business

Baby and mother product items are one of the profitable niches in that you can start the business. There is a massive demand for these products online as well as offline. It is a perfect business idea. I will write details about it.

Please let me know your opinion in the comment below and suggest to me your unique ideas that I will update later.

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