What You Need To Know About Target’s Cat & Jack Return Policy

Target's Cat & Jack Return Policy

Cat and Jack are one of the largest Target-owned clothing brands for children. Launched in 2016, the brand stands out for its return policy and the fact that it is made in collaboration with kids. So then, what are Cat and Jack’s return policy?

The return policy is a one-year guarantee on all Cat and Jack clothing items with a receipt. It allows you to return any worn out, defective, or torn item within 12 months after purchase. As a result, you may get your money back, an exchange, in-store credit, or merchandise return card.

But what if you don’t have a receipt? Can you still return your baby’s worn-out clothing? Stay right here to find out this and much more.

What Are Cat and Jack’s Return Policy and The Terms?

Cat and Jack offer a one-year return policy on all their clothing, including shoes, from the date of purchase. This warranty guarantees that every piece of apparel you buy at the store should last at least 12 months.

So, if any items tear or wear out in less than a year, you can return them. After the return, you can get a full refund or exchange the item for a new one. For a full refund, the money is issued to the original form of payment you used.

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If you choose to get an exchange, you can only swap the attire for the same item. That said, some of the instances you may return the clothing include:

  • Button falling off
  • Seam coming undone
  • Defective zipper
  • Clothes having holes or shrinking after washing
  • Graphics peeling or fraying

However, to return a product, you must have a physical or digital receipt as proof of purchase. Without a receipt, you can only get in-store credit for the sum adding up to the item’s lowest sale price. Alternatively, you could get a merchandise return card that you can redeem in-store.

Does The Return Policy Work Without a Receipt?

Yes. There are several ways you can show proof of purchase if you can’t find your receipt, including:

  • Using Target Account

You will find a receipt or barcode on your target account, allowing you to return your defective items. However, this is only possible if you bought the items via your account.

  • Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails allow you to trace your Cat and Jack item’s barcode for online purchases. These are the emails you receive once the items have been shipped and delivered.

  • Credit Cards Payment Method

Target associates could track your purchase in their systems if you paid via major credit cards. These include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and a Target Red Card.

  • Blank Check

If you bring a blank check to Target, they can use it to locate your transaction for a refund. The blank check must be from the same checking account.

How To Return Cat and Jack Items Instore Or Online

For in-store returns,

  • Visit your nearest Target store with a receipt, credit card, and the items you wish to return
  • Then, go to the Guest Services desk and inform them about the return. The Target associates will request proof of purchase and process the return after verifying your information.
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How about online returns? Below is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1: Login into Your Account

First, visit the Target website or app and login into your personal account. Then, click on the tab “Orders” or “Purchases” if using the Target app.

Next, choose the order containing the clothing you wish to return under the “Return Items” tab. You must also include the reason for returning the item.

Step 2: Choose “Continue”

From the drop-down menu, click on the tab “Continue.” Then, choose either “Refund Item” or “Replace Item.

Step 3: Fill Out the Shipping Address

Next, click “Continue” and choose your shipping address. Then, click on the submit button. You will receive a prompt to print out a mailing or shipping label.

Step 4: Package your Item (s)

Lastly, pack your items in their original packaging and everything they came with. Then, affix the mailing label on the package before shipping it off to any UPS location. After Target receives your parcel, they will process it and issue a refund.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Refund Or Exchange?

You will receive a refund the same day you return your item in-store. This is whether you have the receipt or not. However, after approval, the refund may take up to 2 days to deflect in your Target RedCard.

Meanwhile, a refund to a credit card belonging to a third party takes 5 days or less after approval. For online returns, it takes Target 7 to 10 business days to approve your refund after receiving the items.

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Let’s quickly check out commonly asked questions about the Cat and Jack return policy.

Can I return clothing purchased via gift card without a receipt?

Yes, as long as you have the original eCard or gift card. The associates at Target will help you track the transaction for proof of purchase.

Do I need to save the tags to return the items?

No. Target accepts returns of Cat and Jack items without tags because each piece of clothing has SKU numbers inside. You only need a receipt or the card you used to pay for the clothing.

Can I return defective items to any Target store?

You certainly can, provided you have the proof of purchase. In other words, you don’t need to return the item to the same Target store you purchased it from.


Cat and Jack’s one-year return policy is one of the best in the industry. It allows you to return your kid’s worn-out and defective clothing and get a full refund or exchange.

Making the return is easy whether you choose to do it online or in-store. And if you make the return in-store, you may get the refund the same day or wait up to 5 days. For online returns, refunds take 7-10 working days.


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