The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): Empowering the Next Generation of Business Leaders

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If you’re a high school student, college student or professional looking for the best way to maximize your skills and be part of a larger career goal, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is your best bet.

As a student or a professional looking to scale up your career and ace your skills, you need to be all-round. And this means being actively involved in school activities capable of bringing out the best in you.

And no better way to achieve this than being part of a well-organized group of students and professionals whose main goal is to see to a better you.

This is where the FBLA comes in. So that leads us to the question…

…what is the FLBA?

What You Need to Know About FBLA

FBLA is a reputable association in the United States that caters to your educational and career success. Whatever your level of education, FBLA’s series of transformational programs cover you. Be you are in middle school, high school, or college, being part of the association’s high-impact programs would enhance your academic knowledge and skills and prepare you ahead for your career.

Founded in the United States in 1940 by Hamden L. Forkner Sr., Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is the largest student organization in the world. And according to the United States Department of Education, it’s one of the top 10 organizations.

Through their series of programs ranging from academic competitions to career and leadership training, you’re literally taken by the hand and guided through professional programs that will widen your skills and knowledge in business and career paths.

Among many others, here are the three (3) key programs of the FBLA you can benefit from.

The 3 Major FBLA Programs   

1. The National Awards

With part of its main aim being a source of educational and career progress for students, FBLA gives you an opportunity to take part in competitions across local, state and national levels.

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This is a great opportunity for you to acquire relevant skills for both academic and career advancement. As you partake in a series of events that broaden your horizon and improve your interpersonal relationship skills, you’re gradually being prepared for recognition and award that will boost your portfolio for a better career in the nearest future.

So if you’ve performed excellently in the competitions, you’d be awarded in any of these categories:

1. FBLA Business Achievement Awards

If you’ve demonstrated a high level of skills in the areas of community service and have also showcased academic excellence, you’d be eligible for FBLA Business Achievement Awards. The award is divided into four main parts with each showing the different levels you’ve attained. As you complete each task, you move from one level to another. After completing each level, you’re given a pin that represents your current level.

The first and second levels are called Future and Business. You will earn the pins of recognition for these levels at a local competition. So as you perform better, so does your level increase. To earn a pin at the State or National level, you must have performed excellently at State or nationally organized event. The State and National pins are called Leader and America respectfully.

2. FBLA Community Service Awards

To be conferred the FBLA Community Service Awards, you must have shown that you have committed certain hours to community service. This award which would be presented to you at the FBLA National Leadership Conference is based on the number of hours you dedicated to this service. So the higher your hours, the fancier the award.

If you’re able to dedicate FBLA Community Service 50 hours, 200 hours or 500 hours, you’d be rewarded accordingly.

FBLA National Awards Program

Of all the FBLA Awards, this is the most popular. The reason is simple. Being a national event in which students’ academic excellence, as well as mastery of FBLA’s training, is recognized, it is only natural that it’s the most renowned of the awards.

The FBLA National Award Program offers you an opportunity to be recognized for your efforts in the area of cybersecurity, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. With a chance to take part in over 70 events through a competition either as an individual or a member of a team, this is one of the greatest moments you’d cherish.

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In this aspect of the FBLA National Awards, you’d go through four categories of events namely Test, Presentation, Interview, and Team Performance. Here, if you win at the local level, then you go to the state and then to the national level where you’d be given the National Award at the National Leadership Conference.

With its numerous programs and engaging training, FBLA is a remarkable nonprofit organization that ensures you have an invaluable school experience while also preparing you for a bright future in line with your business and career.

Having shown you above what FBLA is and its award programs, let’s now go into the benefits you will get when you join the organization.

Benefits of Joining FBLA

As a middle, high school, or college student, here are a few of what you will gain from taking part in FBLA programs:

  • Academic advancement
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Mentorship training
  • Leadership skills
  • Career development
  • Networking opportunities

1. Academic advancement

With the FBLA provision of scholarship opportunities to high-flying middle school, high school, and college students, a sense of competition is encouraged among the students.

As a student, this means more hard work and a determination to excel in your studies. Also as a member of FBLA, you have access to a wide range of study materials as well as mental stimulation training programs that will steer you toward academic excellence.

2. Scholarship Opportunities

If you’re an FBLA member and you’re qualified for their merit-based scholarship programs, you will be awarded. With a scholarship that helps you with some academic bills and other important expenses, you’d be more focused on and dedicated to your studies.

Quite interesting is that you get awarded a scholarship based on your level of education. So there is Virtual Business Scholarship if you have a flair for business and technology while the Distinguished Business Leader scholarship is for post-high school students who have shown leadership promise. And there is the Young Entrepreneur Foundation for students passionate about entrepreneurship.

3. Mentorship Training

Imagine having someone more experienced than you taken by the hand, mentoring you on how to attain academic excellence and career growth. Yes, it’d be a wonderful experience. You’d have been equipped with the needed skills and confidence to navigate through school into the business environment even before you complete your education. Yes, that’s one of the benefits of being a member of FBLA.

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4. Leadership Skills

One of FBLA’s core programs is breeding a crop of business leaders that will change positively the cause of doing business in the nearest future. So as a student member of this program, you’d have the opportunity to attend practically inspiring programs that enhance your leadership skills.

As part of the core aims of FBLA is to raise a crop of students who are passionate about business, you’d be trained by industry experts in various fields who are alumni. So joining this organization is highly rewarding.

5. Career Development

The main reason FBLA programs were established is to cater to students’ transition into the business world. So all the series of programs in the form of FBLA competitions, FBLA Awards, and all the FBLA events are actually directed towards helping you become grounded in the necessary skills and knowledge needed for career success. So being a member of FBLA would boost your enthusiasm for business and the free enterprise system.

6. Networking Opportunities

Know the best and easiest way to gain access to a lot of opportunities both in and outside the school? Network with fellow FBLA members. As a member, you’re given a mentor who trains and also records your success and passion for the training programs.

Interestingly, these mentors are usually industry leaders in their various fields who are Future Business Leaders of America’s Alumni. Imagine having them mentor you through school, not to talk of networking opportunities you can gain from the relationship.

Wrapping Up

Education becomes the best legacy when a student is able to let every aspect of the school system reflect in his or her life, especially career-wise. You’re confident and very passionate about your career path. With FBLA’s programs which cut across different areas of interest like FBLA competitions, awards, and other notable events, your journey to a successful career is made easy and fun.

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