10 Great Jobs for People with Depression

jobs for people with depression

If you’re feeling depressed and looking for the kind of jobs most suitable for you, we’ve listed several jobs for people with depression.

It’s hard when you feel restless about the things you could easily let go. Sometimes you’re overacting on matters that could be resolved with a single smile. Even when you try to act normal, you realize you often feel stressed as your health has begun to take a toll on you.

Worse, you’re beginning to lose your cool and almost feeling like you’re in the wrong job. Maybe you’re a nurse and the large part of your day is spent at work tending to serious issues which often make you tensed.

You’re not alone.

The good news is, you can overcome your anxiety when you get on to the right job. You’d be so mentally steady and emotionally alert that gradually you begin to feel your level of depression reduces day by day.

So, what are the kinds of jobs for people with anxiety and depression?

Before checking out the jobs for depressed people, why don’t we first have a look at some of those ingredients of the kinds of jobs you can do?

In other words, if you’re suffering from depression you don’t engage in jobs that would further complicate your condition. Instead, you look for jobs that refresh you and strengthen you both physically and mentally towards maximizing your skills and expertise while maintaining your health balance.

According to WHO, 264 million people suffer from depression globally. In the US, 16.2 million adult have experienced a case of depression in a given year.

With the staggering number of people going through anxiety or depression condition as a result of the kinds of jobs they engage in, considering alternative jobs that grant you that peace of mind, helping you to fight depression is highly encouraged.

On this note, when you’re looking to take on a new job, you should ensure it helps you achieve one thing – just one thing – overcome your anxiety.

Factors You Should Consider When Looking for a Job

So, when getting a job, make sure it allows you the ability to:

  • Enjoy flexible working hours
  • Interact with a small group
  • Be creative
  • To explore and discover
  • Air your opinion and be understood
  • Have a chance for personal space
  • Interact with nature
  • Be mentally available
  • Have job freedom

That’s not all. You should also consider the work environment. As a depressed person, the last thing you want to do is to be caught up in a job that suffocates you. If anything, the least damage such a job would do to your health could be devastating.

So it’s key to make sure the job…

  • Has a comforting structure
  • Has orderliness
  • Is less rigorous
  • Has a quiet environment
  • Has a flexible schedule

But of all these reasons for choosing your job, the one thing you should never compromise is this: are you passionate about it?

Studies have shown that people often excel in their jobs that they enjoy doing. So when talking of the best jobs for people with depression, passion is highly considered.

Chances are if you’re passionate about your job, you would see no need to want to quit it, even if it’s stressful. Or haven’t you heard people say that they often perform better under pressure? The reality is, this set of people probably enjoy their jobs so much they’re used to the routine. So, stressed or not, they often find the courage to go on.

Having discussed the important factors you should consider when looking for a job, let’s now go into the job opportunities most fitting for people with depression.

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The Top 10 Jobs for People with Depression

The following are the jobs you can do if you’re suffering from depression:

  1. Librarian

For ages, books have been a source of comfort especially if you have a mood swing. As someone suffering from depression, you want to be in a quiet environment where you can be clearheaded and focused.

The library is usually a serene environment where ideas are nurtured and your best bet is being in such a place. Not only would it be as a means to calm your nerves, but you’d also get the chance to interact with people. Helping them to navigate their way through the library could serve as a source of comfort to you in a way.

Besides that, you could even treat yourself to an interesting book and you’d no doubt have a great moment. In short, working in a library is what you want to consider as a person suffering from anxiety and depression.

  1. Writer

As one of the most serious mental health issues in the world, depression often results from panic disorder. It makes you think too much and overact on issues that could easily have been dealt with.

You see yourself sweating profusely over a simple task even when you know you can do it well. But with writing, you gain a sense of therapy. Whether you choose to do it on your own as a freelance writer or you work for a digital marketing agency, writing is an exercise good for your nerves.

The mental stimulation helps you ward off distraction and leaves your mind crystal clear. So if you’re looking for a therapeutic job against depression, you might want to consider being a writer.

  1. Horticulture

As mentioned above, that the one thing you should not stop taking into consideration when finding a suitable job is your passion for the job, it’s important to check out how the job also aligns with your career.

In short, it’s only natural that doing what you enjoy the most automatically boosts your performance at the job. So if you’re a lover of nature, trying out jobs in horticulture might be the right thing for you.

Cutting, decorating and taking care of plants normally comes with some sense of satisfaction especially for someone who delights in the beauty of nature.

More so, the thinking that as you tend to those plants, you’re helping people keep their environment neat and tidy can go a long way in giving you a sense of fulfilment. This, in turn, could relieve you of your depression gradually.

  1. Freelancer

If there is anything most people suffering from depression don’t want to do, it’s to be stressed out with a job routine that drains not only their time but also that of their loved ones.

For this set of people, working a 9-5 job is the reason they’re depressed in the first place, probably because the job is way too demanding than they ever expected. But that’s not to say that freelance job is easy.

Like every other job, it requires a high level of discipline and consistency. You really don’t have to do it on a full-time basis instantly. But as you get more and more clients, you could decide if it’s worth taking a full plunge into it or keep it as a side income along with your job.

In any case, freelance jobs afford you the freedom that you deserve. Having an opportunity to spend enough time with friends and family members is one of the advantages of working as a freelancer affords you. And, without any doubt, this would boost your mental health.

  1. Blogger

Blogging is an interesting job that gives one an idea of what multitasking really entails. By researching topics for your blog, reaching out to fellow bloggers, drafting and editing blog posts, you’re stretching your creativity and improving your writing and networking skills.

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Apart from giving you the freedom to think clearly and rely on your own ideas, you have time for yourself. In short, the idea of someone entering your personal space is out of it.

However, blogging requires a high level of discipline. The consistency of staying ahead of your competition is often demanding. You have to dish out fresh posts on the blog regularly, engage your audience by replying their comments while also keeping tabs with them on the social media.  It’s a lot. But when you realize how much this helps you to stay on top of your game, adding to your personal development, you’d see that it’s really one of the good jobs for people with depression.

  1. Landscaping

Landscaping can be an interesting job if you’re suffering from depression. So if you’ve been thinking of working in a quiet and serene environment where you only tend to plants, you’d enjoy this job.

Doing this job would give you less pressure and most times you’re not faced with the office routine of endless meetings and deadlines that could take a toll on your depressive mood.

The job of a landscaper comes with some sort of comfort that’s not common with other jobs. Apart from having the chance to choose your working days and can even come anytime you want, you don’t have to bother yourself with a lot of things as a landscaper.

Even when you choose to do this job in a company, it still doesn’t mean you could be ordered around and be made to add to your duties what doesn’t involve gardening or taking care of the environment. It’s a cool job that might help you subdue your depression.

For some people with depression, being outdoors in the sun has a therapeutic effect on them. So they prefer a job that would give them the chance to be outdoors such as landscaping where they could feel the fresh air and see people pass by, even if they don’t talk them. Are you looking for jobs for people with depression? Taking a look at landscaping won’t be a bad idea.

  1. Dog walking

If you’re looking for a job that is flexible and gives you the comfort to be up and about on your own, try dog walking. As a dog walker, your job is to only take a stroll with a dog.

This can be fun if you’re suffering from depression. Not only will it help you have the feeling of helping a dog (especially if you’re fond of pets) relax, you’re also exercising your own body.

As one of the recommended activities for nerves control is to exercise. So, as you take a walk with that dog which can be a lot fun, you’re also relieving yourself of stress. One thing about this job is that you don’t have to show up all the time.

It’s often done probably at sunrise and towards sunset in the evening. So you’ve no worries, as you’re not required to work in the scorching sun. And if you’re the type talking to a large crowd often disturbs, this is your kind of job.

You only have your dog to tend to, no need to be gathered in a group where you’re required to give a prepared speech. To calm your nerves, stable your mood and exercise your body which is all some of the activities you need to fight depression, taking up a dog walking job could be cool for you.

  1. Painter

As a person struggling with depression, looking for a painter job wouldn’t be out of place. The artistic nature of painting is on its own therapeutic. Seeing beauty around you could boost your mood, thereby relieving you of stress. Also, when you paint, there’s a sense of being able to create something that people would like and admire.

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This feeling comes with fulfilment. This, in turn, helps suppress your anxiety. This job is so flexible you could choose to do it at your own convenience. You may either choose to work with a company or on your own. The choice is yours. If you know your onions and are consistent, you should get paid well for this job.

Besides the money and its ability to help boost your mood, it could also serve as a form of exercise, which is recommended to fight depression. Do you suffer from depression and looking for a job? Working as a painter could be a stress reliever.

  1. Park Ranger

Want to have loads of fun, have great experience of survival kits, nature and other activities at the Parks? Work as a park ranger.

This kind of job affords you the time to have fun and relax as you help people do the same. Most National Parks are often filled with people who are on a holiday or vacation to have fun. Helping them get the most of their time could also boost your own mood.

Though this job might require that you have some form of education or training, you don’t need any skill when it comes to enjoying the moment. As you spend quality time outdoors, it could help relieve you of stress and anxiety.

Even having to spend time with nature is also a boost for your mood. And as everyone around you is at the Park to make themselves happy and enjoy the moment, it’d affect you too in a way. The bottom line is, you can apply to a Park Ranger job if you’re struggling with depression. It could be the right step to bidding your anxiety disorder goodbye.

  1. Delivery Person

One of the jobs for people with depression and anxiety is a delivery service. As a delivery person, moving from one home to another could serve as a form of exercise. Being outdoors is often recommended if you’re experiencing a mood disorder. That you’re up and about has some therapeutic effect on you.

When you also consider that you’re helping people receive the things that matter to them, it could give you a sense of fulfilment in a way. And to think that you don’t have to talk to a lot of people at the same time is also cool.

Most people with depression can’t stand a crowd. So as you go out, talking to people, one at a time, it could help you overcome the shyness of either starting a conversation or sustaining one. Taking up this role if you’re a person struggling with anxiety, could help a great deal.

Just before we wrap up, let’s quickly take a look at how you can keep your job as a person with depression.

You can retain your job by…

  • Loving yourself
  • Avoiding stress
  • Surrounding yourself with like minds
  • Understanding acts that trigger your anxiety
  • Not overthinking things; just do it as best as you can
  • Exercising regularly
  • Remaining calm
  • Offering to help others
  • Doing only the job you love
  • Staying happy at all times

Wrapping Up

Depression is real and could really affect the way you go about your daily activities, especially your job. For some people, their jobs are actually responsible for their mood disorder. They’re often stressed and feel unmotivated most of the times. So this makes them hate their jobs. But when you consider the above list of jobs for people with depression, you could overcome your mental health challenges in no time.

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