Does Snapple Kiwi Strawberry have Caffeine?

Does Snapple Kiwi Strawberry have Caffeine

Keurig Dr Pepper owns Snapple. It is a brand that sells drinks and tea and is based in Texas, United States. It gained some fame mainly due to its references in several pop-cultural shows. The founders of Snapple are Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg. Although it is based in Texas right now, its initial grounding was Longisland, Newyork. In the beginning, the company/brand had a different name, going by the name of Unadultared Food Products. Its operations were to supply healthy fruit juices to health food stores.

Caffeine Content in Snapple Kiwi Strawberry

There is no caffeine in Snapple Kiwi Strawberry. Because there is no tea or other ingredients present in this drink.

Ingredients In Snapple Kiwi Strawberry

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry contains filtered water, sugar, Kiwi Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Acacia Gum, Natural Flavors, Vegetable Juice Concentrates (For Color), Ester Gum.

Nutrition Values

Nutrition Facts for 16 fl oz:

NutrientsAmount% Daily Value
Total Fat0g0%
Sodium15 mg1%
Total Carbohydrates46 g17%
Total Sugars45 g
Includes 42 g Added Sugars85%
  • It contains 5% juice
  • Contains no caffeine
  • It is Gluten-free

Similar Drinks to Snapple Kiwi Strawberry and their Caffeine content

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Is Snapple a juice?

Snapple is a brand of tea and juice drinks.

Is Kiwi High in Sugar?

The Kiwis are usually low in sugar but high in Vitamin C.

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