Red Bull: Analyzing the Mission and Vision Statements | the Global Market Leader in Energy Drinks Industry

red bull mission statement

The Red Bull Soars:

  • Industry: Energy Drinks, Soft Beverages, Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Company: Red Bull GmbH
  • Company Type: Private
  • Owners: Dietrich Mateschitz (49%) , Chalerm Yoovidhya (51%)
  • First Launch: April 1, 1987
  • Employees: 12,736
  • Product Variant: Over 20
  • Country of Origin: Austria
  • Headquarters:  Fuschl am See, Salzburg, Austria

Red bull GmbH ushered the era of the global energy drink industry in 1987 and swiftly captured a large customer base. Red bull has become a household name in the last two decades. They sold over 7.5 billion cans of Red Bull in 2019 alone.

Red Bull GmbH was founded by Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya. During his visit to Thailand in 1982, Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich was introduced to a Thai energy drink named Krating Daeng. Krating Daeng was a popular drink among blue-collar workers in Thailand. It was manufactured by T.C. Pharmaceuticals, a Thai company founded by Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1962. Krating Daeng in Thai means Red Bovine and Dietrich was inspired to name his drink Red Bull. In 1984, Dietrich and Chaeo founded Red Bull GmbH in Austria.  After creating a recipe that matches the palates of the west, Red bull finally started to market and distribute its product in 1987.

Red Bull is more than a mere energy drink; it is a symbol that represents a group of people. Red bull has a very prominent fan base and Red Bull is an integral part of that community. Red Bull and its customers have a shared appreciation for power, energy and perseverance. Red Bull’s logo signifies their brand image: two charging bulls indicates power, energy and the shade of red on the bulls represents energy, and the sun symbolizes perseverance.

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Red Bull GmbH is a pioneer in running successful marketing campaigns. they positioned the drink as a drink that gives people superhuman abilities. Their guerrilla marketing campaign was capable of ingraining the energetic image of Red Bull in people’s psyche. Red Bull GmbH regularly sponsors sport events and partners up with athletes and other influential public figures to uphold its energetic image. Red Bull GmbH has created a distinct culture within their consumers.

Red Bull Values: People, Ideas, Culture

Red Bull Mission Statement:

The mission statement of red bull is “Giving wings to people and ideas”

Analysis of Red Bull’s Mission Statement:

The Mission statement of Red bull advertises the idea that drinking Red Bull will enable people to accomplish beyond their normal capabilities. The use of the word “wing” represents the power and energy Red Bull grants its consumers. The mission statement implies that drinking Red Bull will fuel ideas.

Red Bull’s target audience is comprised of the young energetic population (age 15 to 35) in urban, suburban and rural areas. As an energy drink company, Red Bull represents a fast-paced lifestyle, daring new adventures every day. Their mission statement translates into the energetic active imagery Red Bull GmbH presents before the world.

Red Bull Vision Statement:

The vision statement of Red Bull is “Red Bull GmbH is dedicated to upholding Red Bull standards while maintaining the leadership position in the energy drinks category when delivering superior customer service in a highly efficient and profitable manner. We create a culture where employees share best practices, dedicated to coaching and developing our organization as an employer of choice.”

Analysis of Red Bull’s Vision Statement:

The vision statement of Red Bull GmbH speaks about their commitment to provide a healthy work environment for their employees while holding on to their leadership position in the energy drink category. Their vision statement shares the organizational goals for Red Bull GmbH itself.

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In the first sentence, Red Bull GmbH expresses their first business goal; they are dedicated to uphold Red Bull standards and deliver proper service to their customers in a highly efficient and profitable manner. Presenting the profitable end of the business in the vision statement is a bold move. And Red Bull GmbH is known for being bold and straightforward in their communication.

The second sentence is a general statement about their corporate culture. Red Bull GmbH promote positive behavior among their employees and wishes to become a model organization. Red Bull GmbH wants to become the employer of choice by creating an organizational culture where employees and personnel nurture positive behaviors, share best practices.

Red Bull GmbH reflects its vision statement in reality. In 2018, they won 4 awards in Comparably: Best Company Culture, Best Company for Diversity, Best Company Happiness, Best Company Compensation. They ranked 228th in Forbes world’s best employer list in 2020.


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