Skechers Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

Sketchers Mission Statement

Skechers is a popular brand name in the USA, serving with excellence for over 28 years. It is an American footwear company, specialized in a diverse product category. The brand is a net worth of 8.33 billion dollars in  2021. Style, innovation, quality, and comfort are the components behind its unique collection of products. Sketcher not only produces footwear but also offers head-to-toe collection apparel and accessories for men, women, and kids. Skechers operates in 170 countries, and half of its sell come from the global market. Apart from physical retail stores, Sketchers has a third-party wholesale partner and virtual stores.

Company NameSKECHERS
Established in1992
FounderRobert Greenberg, Michael Greenberg

Sketchers believe in innovation and longevity that is the distinct feature of their mission statement. Through the mission statement, they show how their brand will reach the desired goal.

Mission Statement of Skechers

Sketchers mission statement is “To become the first choice of casual and active footwear by providing an exceptional and exciting customer experience for the entire family, while ensuring the longevity of both the company and the SKECHERS brand name through controlled, well managed growth.”

Vision Statement Skechers

Sketcher doesn’t have any separate vision statement. As soon as they come up with their vision statement, we will upload it.

Values of Skechers

This company guideline doesn’t point out specific values. If there is an update, we will upload it.

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  1. I own three pairs of Sketchers. I have one pair similar to your Oswin series. It was a year old and it got wet in the snow. I put it alongside my baseboard heater so it would dry out for me to wear to work. Apparently the warmth of the heat separated the rubber sole from the shoe. Either the leather shoe shrunk or the rubber sole expanded, but there is no way that the shoe can be repaired.

    Does your company, replace defected shoes or provide an opportunity for me to get a similar shoe with a discount? Granted, my shoe is a year old and a little worn, but it was the shoe I wore to work.

    Can one of your representatives respond to me IF there are any next steps for a person like myself?

    Thank you.
    Mark Okazaki

    202 Trump Street
    Syracuse, NY 13209

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