Adidas Mission Statement & Vision Statement Analysis

adidas mission statement

Adidas is also known as AG is a German multinational corporation established in 1924. The headquarter of Adidas is in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas creates the second-largest position of sportswear in the world after Nike and first in Europe. Adolf Dassler founded the company. His brother Rudolf joined with him in 1924. They named the company “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”. In 1949, there was a breakage between the two brothers. Then Adolf established Adidas in 1949 and Rudolf created Puma. Adolf and his elder brother applied innovative ideas to make sportswear for athletes. Adidas has kept its strength and power over decades. It has an excellent mission statement focused on its core planning and ideas. They maintain offering the best quality products to the customers and have created a good position in the market. The company always focus on serving the customers in a unique way and offering quality products.

Mission Statement analysis

The mission statement of Adidas is “The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position”.

A mission statement means the primary objectives of a company follows to implement to its growth. Mission principles indicate what is important.

  1. Improving sports

Adidas has created a sports-focused culture focusing on both men and women. They play their role ceaselessly to offer premium products to the customers. They are very specific in designing their products for men and women. The company targets sports lovers and through various campaigns on sports. They also participate in the sponsorship of various programs organized to support the young generation and make them aware of the quality and valued products and focus on the market.

  • Going beyond expectations
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The company always try to achieve their target of surpassing expectations. They invested a huge amount of money, time and labour to design the best quality and unique products and have a good plan about saving the environment by innovation in the best possible way.

  • Innovation and creativity

The real focus of Adidas is providing the best products and solutions on the market and understanding the need and demands of the customers which can be solved and surpass the expectations. innovation, research and creativity are the core mission of Adidas.

  • Being global leader

The aim of the company is to be the global leader in the sports product industry. Despite being the existence of many competitors in the market, they have created their own position. Because of the quality and services of the stuff, they want to be a global leader and spread its length worldwide for people to know about their products, equipment and services.

Vision Statement Analysis

The vision statement Adidas is “to be the design leaders with a focus on getting the best out of the athletes with performance guaranteed products in the sports market globally”.  The company has its focus on providing the best quality products to the customers. They have the vision to represent professional and durable sportswear to everyone and don’t compromise with the quality. Durability and high quality are the main reasons for Adidas being the top-rated product.

There are four elements that come from the vision statement those to be analyzed separately. The elements are

  1. Being design leader
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They want to be the design leader worldwide and represent their products to everyone. At the time of designing the products, they maintain their athletic image and provide the best quality and values. Adidas always ensure that they are holding their position and trying to be the best without wasting time and potential.

  • Getting the best out of the athlete

Adidas group provide innovative and new products every year because they want to get the best out of the sports athletes and provide them with the best usable and durable products and equipment which serve the athletes to utilize the strength of their body and strengthen their experience.

  • Performance guaranteed products

They ensure the best quality products. The sports products they sell need to function properly without any failure. The guaranty will help to make the trust of customers on their products. Good performance makes goodwill by media coverage and frequent purchases.

  •  Represent globally

This element represents being the best sports delivery product company worldwide. They have expanded their business and outreach to various countries because of their commitment and unity. Nowadays they are familiar to all over the world and have built a reputation for over 7 decades.

Core values

Adidas’s core value comprises “performance, passion, integrity and diversity”. These are the main reason for gaining the position and holding it over decades. They take their most important decisions based on these values. They choose personnel who are deeply passionate, innovative and creative about sports. They always maintain integrity and diversity to operate the business and are highly focused on reliability. Adidas always maintain the core value and the ultimate performance. 

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What are Adidas’s core values?

Ans. Adidas’s core values comprise of four elements. Those are performance, passion, integrity and diversity.

Which products does Adidas group sell?

Adidas sells various clothing items of men’s and women’s and sportswear and accessories like slide-style sandals, watches, eyewear, mobile accessories, socks and baseball caps. The company also sells perfumes, lotions, deodorants and aftershave.

Is Adidas involved in any sponsorship?

Yes, Adidas has various dealings with football clubs and other clubs. Adidas also sponsored various players of football and basketball. Adidas has provided field hockey equipment sponsored by players of numerous countries.

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