Virgin Atlantic Mission Statement & Vision Statement

Virgin Atlantic Mission Statement

The mission statement of Virgin Atlantic is ” To grow a profitable airline where people love to fly and where people love to work.”

Virgin Atlantic Airways was founded by Ricard Branson, a renowned business magnate, and entrepreneur, in 1984 in London.

This British billionaire and his virgin group have always reigned in the business world. 38 years ago, Virgin Atlantic created a buzz in the aviation industry.

Back then, there were few alternatives to airways service for travelers. Virgin Atlantic was established to fill this gap in the airline industry and make travel attainable for everyone.

Virgin Atlantic Airline’s Mission Statement

The mission statement of Virgin Atlantic is ” To grow a profitable airline where people love to fly and where people love to work.”

This mission statement is precise yet not much detail oriented. The keys elements that are explicit are given below:

  1. Profitable Airline
  2. Preferred Airline Brand
  3. To become the favorable workplace

Profitable Airline:

Virgin Atlantic is a profit-oriented company that focuses on continuous growth. The incisive calculation of return on investment and strategies gets the company at its peak.

They have already gotten over pandemic challenges. Reopening the transatlantic route to the US is a sustainably profitable strategy for its corporate business. By 2022 they will get a return from 400 billion shareholder investments.

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Preferred Airline Brand:

Virgin Atlantic aims to hold the brand name as the most preferred airline service. They build a customer-centric business model where first they understand customer demand and then provide services accordingly.

Cutting down queue time, providing comment cards on the airplane, and receiving customer feedback helps them to become a valuable airways service provider.

To become a favorable workplace:

Virgin Atlantic believes in making the best workplace for its staff. As they made a profit by delivering high-quality service at a reasonable price, Virgin Atlantic emphasizes the competitive wage for the worker, an inclusive work environment, and training facilities for better service.

The founder believes, ” People who make up Virgin Atlantic build the Virgin Atlantic.” Every employee can put their intelligence into creating unique services and offering that uphold the brand.

To motivate its employees, Virgin Atlantic offers competitive benefits packages, seven free flights to the world’s most desirable destination, discount travel facilities, and long-term insurance service.

Virgin Atlantic Airline’s Vision Statement

The vision statement of Virgin Atlantic is ” Empowering everyone to take on the world.” The vision statement is not so obvious and covers a wide spectrum. Let’s dive into the details of the vision statement.

  1. Empowering everyone
  2. Work for the betterment of the world

 Empowering everyone:

The purpose of the company is to empower everyone, including the customer, employees, and other stakeholders.

Virgin Atlantic introduces a passport change program that empowers the next generation to build a career in STEM ( Science, Engineering, Math). The company develops an inclusive culture that encourages diversity and unites a dynamic community.

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 Work for the betterment of the world:

Virgin Atlantic rigorously works for the betterment of the world. They do business as a force for good.

From its inception, it brought the travelers’ imagination into reality. Reducing carbon footprint, reducing waste and pollution, and working for sustainable development are the initiatives for making the world a better place.

Virgin Atlantic Airline’s Core values:

Virgin Atlantic believes that treating its people in the best way is the key secret recipe to its success. They strive to create a platform where everyone feels safe and secure.  Doing the right things for the right reason for the planet and community is the core value at its heart.

Virgin Atlantic has the following three core values for everyday life :

  • Think red
  • Make Friends
  • Be Amazing


What does Virgin Atlantic Airways famous for?

Virgin Atlantic Airways is famous for its innovative product and service, glamorous destination, and charismatic crew in a red uniform.

Does Virgin Atlantic Airways change its mission and vision over time?

No, Virgin Atlantic Airways strictly follows its mission and vision.

What is the goal of Virgin Atlantic Airways?

Virgin Atlantic Airways wants to be the world’s most lovable company.

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