Alaska Airlines Mission & Vision Statement 2023

Alaska Airlines Mission Statement

Alaska Airlines is one of the Top American airlines headquartered in SeaTac, Washington. The airline was founded in 1944. Alaska Airlines is a member of the Oneworld alliance.

Alaska is one of the most popular airlines for its service. Alaska Airlines have a specific mission and vision statement that guides it to be a world-famous airline.

Alaska Airlines Mission Statement

Alaska airlines mission is to “achieve our objective as a socially responsible company that values not just our performance, but also our people, our community, and our environment.”

The two main keywords that we get from the mission statement are

  • Socially responsible company
  • Focus on lives and environment

First Alaska Airlines claims itself as a socially responsible company that not only focus on performance but also focus on community and environment. We get that proof from their total activities.

Alaska wants to improve the lives of people, the community as a whole and the environment where it is operating its business. Alaska is committed to providing safety for employees and passengers. It is concious about diversity and equal opportunitie for all.

Alaska Airlines Vision Statement

 Alaska airlines vision statement is “to be one of the most respected U.S. airlines by our customers, employees, and shareholders.”

The main keywords from the vision statement is

  • To be best airlines
  • Stakeholder

It want to be best airlines in the USA by its stakeholder such as customers, employees and shareholder.

That means, Alaska is committed to provide best pay and safety to its employees, best service and price of travel for customers and best return for shareholder. This is win win for all parties.

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Alaska Airlines Values

The core values on which Alaska airlines depends are “people, community, and environment.” 

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