ITA Airways Mission Statement & Vision Statement (Analysis)

ITA Airways Mission Statement

Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA) the world’s newest airline service, commenced its operation nine months ago on 15 October 2021. The Italian government took over and nationalized Alitalia, Italy’s one of the oldest airways, and rebranded it as ITA. This state-owned flagship carrier has launched 44 fly destinations with 59 routes and going to expand it to 74 destinations with 89 routes by 2025.

Mission Statement of ITA Airways

To improve service quality, customer satisfaction, and connection to the world, ITA gears up with innovation and digitalization to enter the aviation industry.

ITA’s official website has not any formal written mission statement. However, The company declared its aim and objectives and how it is going to achieve its mission. The mission of the company is “Create an innovative and efficient airlines service that will connect Italy world widely, and enhance tourism and foreign trade opportunities.”

The key elements that ITA is going to do to achieve through its mission are the following:

  1. Best Customer Service
  2. Environmentally sustainable
  3. Reference airline for Business and leisure traffic

The key elements that ITA is going to do to achieve its mission are the following:

Best Customer Service: ITA wants to focus on customer service more intuitively. Top-notch customer service is a must to gain trust and create value in the airline industry. As a new player in the aviation industry, ITA aims to position itself as the best customer service provider through a strong digitalization process. They will ensure a best-in-class experience and develop personalized services by creating efficient data analyses that will assist in understanding customers’ necessities.

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Environmentally sustainable: From the beginning of its journey, ITA has kept the business green and environment friendly. In order to maximize efficiency and service quality while dramatically reducing environmental impact, ITA Airways furnishes itself with a cutting-edge fleet that is both modern and environmentally friendly. Technologically advanced aircraft eco-friendly fuel usage are some attempts to be greener and more sustainable.

Reference airline for Business and leisure traffic: ITA airlines initially started its operation by concentrating on the Rome Fiumicino hub and Milan Linate airport. The mission is to position itself as the reference airline for business and leisure traffic. This state-owned airway aims to enhance Italy’s connectivity internationally to increase tourism and trade.

Vision Statement of ITA Airways

The vision of ITA airways is “To become more digital and sustainable.”

Tow core points of the vision are explained below:

Sustainability: ITA airways emphasize the sustainability of the business. The courses of action are – promoting cultural inclusiveness, integrating sustainability both internally and externally, reducing environmental impact, and pursuing ESG objectives. ITA has chosen to use new generation aircraft replaced the old technology fleet. By 2025 they will increase to 105 aircraft with a 75 % new-generation fleet.

Digitalization: Digitalization is another key strategy to become more sustainable in the industry. ITA adopts digital technology like Amadeus that enables to use of real-time customer-driven data and allows to provide a superior travel experience. To keep pace with the vision, ITA digitalizes its revenue management, merchandising, and passenger servicing solution.

Core values of ITA Airways:

The core values outline base of the company. What a company can or can not do is determined by its core values. The core values of ITA airways are:

  1. Inclusiveness
  2. Gender-less, a merit-based air carrier
  3. Value human capital
  4. Sustainability
  5. Digitalization
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What is the purpose of ITA airways?

ITA airways aim to enhance Italy’s connectivity to the world and fill the bridge of tourism with quality service.

What are the objectives of ITA airways?

ITA has set the objective to be the greenest airline company in Europe.

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