Cadbury Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

Cadbury mission statement

From a high school junior to 60 years old grandpa, everyone hears about Cadbury at least once in a life. In the nineteenth century, the world introduced the first dairy milk chocolate by Cadbury. But the company begins its journey way before that. Cadbury, a British multinational confectionery company, was founded in 1824 in Birmingham.

Today, this company have more than ten manufacturing plant in different countries and operates in 30 more countries. The j doesn’t sell chocolate only, they have 12 distinct brands. After mars, Cadbury is the second largest cookies manufacturing company in the world

Company NameCadbury
Established in1824, Birmingham, United Kingdom
FounderJohn Cadbury

The mission and vision of Cadbury Company are to serve quality products, they also promise to deliver improved products.

Cadbury Mission Statement

Cadbury mission statement is: “Cadbury means quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered.”

Cadbury Vision Statement

Cadbury’s vision statement is “Working together to create brands people love”.

Values of Cadbury

The core values are –

  • Respect for other people
  • Taking responsibility
  • winning as a team

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