The Hershey Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

Hershey mission statement

The Hershey Company is the oldest, most famous, and worldwide chocolate manufacturing company. They sell all kinds of baked products that include chocolates and also chocolate drinks, gums, and non-chocolate food items .this company also supplies their products to many renowned companies like Cadbury, Kisses, Jolly Rancher, Almond Joy, Brookside, and many others. Not for only chocolate manufacturing but also for many social works, and environmental development this company is famous. Milton S. Hershey, founder of Hershey company first starts his journey by opening a bakery now this company’s food product is available worldwide.

The Hershey company’s mission and vision are to give the best service to the customers with their best products that make their linage always glorious.

Company nameThe Hershey Company
Established onFebruary 8, 1894
FounderMilton S. Hershey

The Hershey Mission Statement:

The mission statement of the Hershey Company is “At the Hershey Company, we make chocolate brands that people love. Hershey’s mission statement, bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day, summarizes our company, our people, our past and future. Our history of producing the world’s best treats goes back more than 100 years. We take great pride in our brands and in the fun and enjoyment our products add to the lives of our customers”

The Hershey Vision Statement:

The vision statement of Hershey Company is “We not only offer the best merchandise at the best prices, but we’re always working to make your shopping experience enjoyable.” The company aims at delivering the best services to its customers at affordable prices. Hershey is not only committed to offering healthy products but also changing the perceptions that people have about chocolate brands being unhealthy.

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Values of Hershey

The values of under armor company are following

  • Deliver
  • Collaborate
  • Develop
  • Question
  • Innovate
  • Inspire

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