Emirates Airline Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

Emirates Airline Mission statement

Even though you have never been on a flight on an aeroplane in your life, you might hear about the name Emirates. From its inception, Emirates has been guided by its mission and vision religiously. This giant company constantly pursues its core set of principles and priorities to make sure ultimate safety as well as quality service.

Emirates Airline Mission Statement

The mission statement of Emirates Airlines is, “Commit to safeguarding all customers, staff and assets against acts of unlawful interference through continuous reviews, training and education. Implement internationally established industry standards and practices, to ensure a safe and secure environment while facilitating business growth.

3 key components can be overviewed from the mission statement of Emirates.

  1. Maintain international service standard
  2. Ensure safety and security
  3. Make continuous improvement

Maintain international service standard: Emirates strives to be positioned as a global brand from the beginning. To maintain an international standard, it follows essential safety measures, provides updated services, and keeps the service quality consistent.

Ensure safety and security: Emirates aims to build an environment where all the stakeholders of the company as customers, employees, and staff get transparency and feel secure. They always give the highest level of priority to a transparent mutual relationship and defend against any kind of unlawful act.

Make continuous improvement: Emirates makes improvements through a continuous process. They take updates and feedback regularly from the customers and employees. Make adjustments for the customers by reviewing, training, and educating.

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Emirates Airline Vision Statement

The vision statement of Emirates Airlines is, “Maintain international recognition as one of the leading  aviation and security services business in the world, and set a benchmark within the industry.”

Emirates Airlines wants to attain the following goals through the business. The purpose of the company is very bold and clear.

  1. Maintain International Recognition
  2. Become a Market Leader
  3. Set a benchmark

Maintain International Recognition: Emirates starts the business not only to build an international standard company but also to stay in the limelight as a global brand. 

Become a Market Leader: Emirates focuses on becoming a leading company in the aviation industry. The vision is to be the number one brand in the global market.

Set a benchmark: Emirates aims to create a distinctive brand image. By acquiring competitive advantages, Emirates wants to set a benchmark in the aviation industry in terms of differentiation, cultural diversity, and creditworthiness. 

Core values of Emirates Airline

Emirates holds the values which define the companies’ behaviour towards the people, challenges, and opportunities. The core values of the company are:

  • Excellence – Everything they do, they do with excellence.
  • Agility – They move as one with the impact of thousands.
  • Innovation – Keep themselves ahead in the game.
  • Leadership – Not only leads the industry but also leads the people with laudatory examples.
  • Reliability – Make everyone rely upon for a desirable result.


What is the Emirates Airline’s mission?

The Emirates is a lifestyle company that draws tourists from all around the world. The company identifies its brand vision and mission as “The values which move us forward» since they are passionate about all they do.”

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Which country owns Emirates Airlines?

Emirates Airlines is a state-owned flagship company of The United Arab Emirates(UAE), owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. The headquarter is in Garhoud, Dubai.

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