Forever 21 Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2022

forever 21 mission statement

Forever 21 is a renowned fashion brand globally known for its trendy collection. Started in Los Angeles, this American fast-fashion retailer is now operating in over 48 countries. This company goes through ups and downs in its journey. Its motto is to be a one-stop solution for head-to-toe fashion. The brand categorized its products as accessories, beauty products, home decors, and clothing for men, women, and children. Forever 21 positioned itself in the retail industry as a trendy and low price fashion brand.

Company NameForever 21
Established inApril 21, 1984, Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, United States
FounderDo Won Chang, Jin Sook Chang

A mission statement is like the skeleton of any company which defines companies business, objectives and how can they achieve those objects. On the other hand, the vision statement depicts the company’s desired position in future. Precise mission and vision statement assist in defining the company’s purpose, operation goals and values

Mission Statement of Forever 21

Forever 21 mission statement is “to provide shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today’s fashions with affordable prices”.

Vision Statement of Forever 21

Forever 21 vision statement is “to inspire all customers shopping experience by providing a captivating and exciting store environment with a never-ending flow of fun, on-trend fashion at a great value.”

Values of Forever 21

Core Values of forever 21 comprises of-

  1. Encourage giving.
  2. Helping the poor
  3. Time consciousness.

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