Intel Corporation Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

intels mission statement

Tech giant Intel, an American multinational corporation, has established in 1968 and is now the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. Unlike other Silicon Valley startups, Intel starts the company to dominate the industry locally and globally. Indeed, the experiences and reputation of the founders enable the company to become a pioneer in the industry.

Intel’s Mission Statement

The mission statement of Intel Corporation is, “We create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet.”

This mission statement showcases the purpose and ambition of the company to become a game-changer in the industry. Key elements that define the mission statement are given below:

  1. Accelerate Innovation
  2. Become a world leader
  3. Achieve Sustainability

Accelerate Innovation: Intel believes in innovation that can enhance productivity and improve life on earth. Since its inception, Intel has focused solely on innovation through continuously upgrading its products. The company keeps pace with its mission to drive more innovation by discovering the potential future of data, AI, smart devices, and efficient networks. Moore’s law enables to keep in the digital disruption.

Become a world leader: Intel works for a better society, world, and industry. They entitle to become a catalyst for a better planet. They want to build a different benchmark for business practices. Work for climate issues, inclusion and diversion are some of their initiatives. Intel brings its partner, customers, and other stakeholders unite together. To become a world leader, Intel aims to execute significant changes across the worldwide network.

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Sustainability: Intel is committed to delivering incredible service that makes the company reliable and sustainable. Customers are the number one priority for the company. Intel sets the mission to be sustainable not only as a technological leader but also as a global leader.

Intel’s Vision Statement

The vision statement of the company is, “Intel shapes the future of technology.” Intel’s vision statement doesn’t outline any specific goal. However, the fundamental vision is to be the technological leader in the world. Some characteristics of the vision statement are:

Global Impact: Intel sees itself as a global leader, and it not only works for the technological industry but also practices corporate social responsibilities rigorously. They take initiatives for combating climate change, creating a more accessible healthcare system, and building an impactful technological ecosystem.

Tech Innovation: In this modern technological era, Intel dreams of such an ecosystem where the latest challenges can be solved with innovation and collaboration.

The core value of Intel Corporation

 The core values of Intel Corporation are the followings:

  1. Customer First
  2. Fearless Innovation
  3. Results Driven
  4. One Intel
  5. Inclusion
  6. Quality
  7. Integrity


What is the goal of Intel Corporation?

The goal of Intel is to lessen environmental pollution due to the company.

What is the name of Intel’s newly launched CSR project?

 The name of the project is “Advanced Sustainable Global Manufacturing Practice.”

How will Intel’s new goal be achieved?

Intel’s new goal will be achieved by net positive water use, reducing carbon emissions, zero wastelands, and renewable power.


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