Quicken Loans Mission & Vision Statement 2023

quicken loans mission statement

Quicken Loans, an American-based mortgage company, is one of the largest retail lenders in the US. Currently, it is conducting its business under the name of Rocket Mortgage. Some specialized services of this company are comprehensive home financing, direct access to mortgage specialized, and diverse loan options. 

As an online retail lender, Quicken loans offers home loan mortgages, refinance, home buying a mortgage, etc. When it’s come to money and loan, people prefer physical communication, but Quicken loans create a culture where clients can rely on an online virtual mortgage system. The competitive interest rate differentiates this company from the crowd of thousands of services.

Company NameQuicken Loans
Established in1985
FounderDan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert

Every company has a mission and vision statement. A mission statement defines the purpose of a company and a vision statement illustrates the company’s goal, and strategic decision-making process to achieve those goals. Quicken loans’ mission statement depicts the quest for improvement in every aspect of our living.

Quicken Loans Mission Statement

Quicken loans’ mission statement is “We’re dedicated to improving the places where we live, work, and play.”

Quicken Loans Vision statement

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Quicken Loans Values

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