Turkish Airlines Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

Turkish Airlines Mission statement

Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier of Turkey and the first flight carrier under the Ministry of Defense. The company was established 88 years ago as Turkish State Airlines, and now it is the second-largest Airline service in the world. Turkish Airlines has consistent corporate growth. By focusing on the mission and vision, they achieve success for the company.

Turkish Airlines Mission Statement

The mission statement of Turkish Airlines is, “To become the preferred leading European air carrier with a global network of coverage thanks to its strict compliance with flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality, and competitiveness, whilst maintaining its identity as the flag carrier of the Republic of Turkish in the civil air transportation industry.”

They ensure appropriate sanction of flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality, and competitiveness that enable to attain the mission of the company. The focal points of the mission statement are:

Lead the European Market: Turkish Airlines aims to lead the European aviation market. From the beginning, they prefer to be the global leader. They want to uphold its identity as a flagship air service of the Republic of Turkey in the civil air transportation industry; they want to put its footstep around the world.

Establish a global network of coverage: The purpose of becoming the market leader of Turkish Airlines is to establish a global network and provide high-quality service to its acquaintances. To keep pace with the mission of the company, they strictly follow flight safety, reliability, and quality.  

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Turkish Airlines Vision Statement

The vision statement of the Turkish Airlines is mentioned as follows:

To become an air carrier with:

  • Consistent higher growth than the industry average
  • Ensure safety and flight security.
  • Provide the world’s most admired service 
  • Add up the costs of low-cost carriers.
  • Costs of sales and distribution are lower than the average.
  • Improving qualifications continually to build strong value and company benefits.
  • Use a compatible business potential for Star Alliance Group
  • Practice governance principles – Not only in the best interests of shareholders but also those of stakeholders.

Core Values of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines develops its core value as mandatory rules for the company. They embedded the core values in company policy.

The core values of Turkish Airlines are:

  • Safety and Security is the first priority.
  • Maintain international quality standard
  • Sustainability
  • Information security policy
  • Energy policy
  • Occupational Health and Training policy


What is the motto of Turkish Airlines?

 The motto of Turkish Airlines is, “Widen your world.”

What is the mission of Turkish Airlines?

To become the preferred airline service and the market leader in the European market as well as around the world.

What is the fundamental value of Turkish Airlines?

The fundamental value of Turkish Airlines is to maintain a quality management system and make continuous improvements.

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