Slack Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

Slack mission statement

Slack technology Inc. is an American software company. In 2009, Tiny Speck invented the video game Glitch which was the foundation of the company. Later they produce real-time software. Slack expands its business with excellence around the world. They operate in 10 different countries with 1,644 employees. Slack offer to its customer is a freemium product and can be used anywhere. This company is comparatively new in the internet and technology industry. They have a long way to go in this competitive industry to uphold Slack as a memorable experience to its audience. 

Company NameSlack Technologies, Inc.
Established inVancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2009)
FounderStewart Butterfield, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, Serguei Mourachov

The mission statement implies the purpose and inherent belief of the company. The slack mission statement shows their perseverance for hard work and innovation.

Slack Mission Statement

Slack Mission Statement is, “Make work-life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.”

Slack Vision Statement

Slack Vision Statement is not uploaded yet on its website.

Values of Slack

The core values are comprised of-

  • Ship quality code faster
  • Get started building quickly
  • Simplify and speed up testing
  • Increase visibility into deploys
  • Improve service reliability
  • Solve issues faster
  • Keep teams productive

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