Small Business Tips: How to Increase Phone Speed

How to Increase Phone Speed

Smartphones are indispensable in modern society. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, the first thing you instinctively reach out to is your cell phone, and you only put it down when you lay down to sleep. This says a lot about the value they add to our lives, which is more than just entertainment.

Smartphones As A Business Tool

Your cell phone is a tiny powerhouse that fits right into your hand, and you can use them for virtually anything you want, even running a small business. Yep, you read that right; you can use your smartphone as a business tool to perform professional tasks. Whether hopping on a zoom meeting or tracking project progress – your cell phone can do it all! Moreover, they greatly boost productivity, as you can work on the go and save a lot of time.

Although you can rely on cell phones as a powerful business tool, they slowly drop in performance over the years as they age. We recommend using the best available on the market and upgrading your device every three to four years to avoid suffering from low speed if you’re using an older model.

If your phone isn’t that old, and you find yourself struggling with phone speed, there’s no need to fret, as there are things you can do to boost your phone speed and achieve top-notch performance. Below we have outlined ways you can speed up your phone.

How Can You Increase Your Phone Speed?

If your phone’s performance has been acting up and you’re wondering, “how can I boost my phone speed?” since it’s affecting your work and productivity, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to learn how to speed the phone up.

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1. Free up space

A major reason behind performance issues and low speed is a lack of free space on your cell phone. It’s best to get rid of any apps that you don’t use and any junk files you may have on your phone to clean up more memory on your device. Furthermore, the pictures and videos on your device are the primary culprits that eat away at precious memory. And we admit that manually sorting through all your images and videos can be a hassle, which is why we’ve got a better way for you. If you want to know how to clean my phone easily, a smart cleaning tool is a holy grail you’ve been looking for. You can use a smart CleanUp app to automatically sort and categorize your files, pictures, and contacts and smartly merge or delete any duplicates you may have on your phone. The CleanUp app helps you clean up memory on your phone with a simple tap. It comes with password protection to protect the security of your data, as you can add pictures, videos, contacts, and any other files to a secret space only you can access. It works wonders to boost your phone speed to achieve seamless performance.

2. Update your operating system

Generally, when Apple releases a new device, it comes with a new iOS as they stop supporting the older version, which can cause some performance issues. For example, since they came out with the shiny new iPhone 14 with iOS16, the support for iOS 15 will not be as meticulous as before. Moreover, if you don’t upgrade to the latest iOS, you risk slowing down your phone. Updating your device to the newest iOS can effectively solve any performance issues you might have faced.

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3. Try restarting your device

Restarting your device is another excellent troubleshooting method. Many experts suggest that closing unused applications running in the background will help speed up your phone. However, Apple has long debunked this. Instead, it’s way better to restart your cell phone as it gets rid of performance issues by forcefully shutting down any cumbersome background applications that affect your phone speed and eat away at the phone’s battery.

4. Close background processes

Background processes such as automatic downloads and emails are another reason behind performance issues and speed lag. From iOS 13, Apple introduced the low data mode, which stops background applications and processes from using your data. Low data mode terminates all background processes to boost your phone speed.

How Can You Use Your Smartphone For Business?

Once you have sorted out the performance and low-speed issues, you can use your mobile phone to admin your business tasks.

1. Easy access to your emails

You can stay on top of professional correspondence by connecting your official email account to your mobile device. The convenience of a smartphone makes it ideal for checking work email even when you don’t have access to a computer. It not only helps people respond to emails more quickly, but it also keeps them more organized.

2. Host and attend business meetings

With smartphones, you don’t need to host physical meetings with clients. You can use your smartphones to attend business meetings on the go, wherever you’re. Furthermore, you can present your ideas to your clients using intuitive mobile software without needing additional equipment like projectors or a laptop, especially if it’s a small meeting.

3. Automate business tasks

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri make life incomparably convenient. And the same goes for business activities. Voice tech has many applications in the corporate world, including but not limited to the automation of emails and communication with clients, scheduling meetings, and more.

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You can quickly respond to emails and search for things without typing a single character. Express what needs to be done, and your virtual assistant will deliver the desired results.

4. Increase productivity

Organizing your apps and home screen widgets according to their priority will give you all the apps you frequently access at your fingertips. Having all your essential applications on your home screen lets you concentrate on what needs to be done. You can easily open apps you need and won’t look through other screens to find your desired app, so your mind won’t get distracted by other apps on your phone.

How Can I Grow My Business Phone?

One of the best ways you can grow your business by relying on your smartphone is by building a good rapport with your clients. Consistently update them on project progress, ask for feedback, offer freebies to add value to your services, and always keep in touch to brush your sense of presence.

Bottom Line

Today, smartphones hold immense value in our daily lives, and their purpose is not limited to social media. Technological developments and new functionalities have made these devices a powerful resource that small businesses can use to leverage growth.

You can use your phone to host work meetings among team members and clients, keep tabs on project progress, automate business tasks, and more. Don’t forget to download the CleanUp app to ensure that your phone runs on top performance. The CleanUp app removes all redundant files and data from your phone to clear up your device’s memory, allowing it to function efficiently for business tasks.

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