Air Canada Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 2023

Air Canada Mission Statement

Air Canada is the largest airline company in Canada Air that provides around 85 years long service both nationally and internationally. Air Canada has scheduled passenger flights and carter air transport to 222 destinations in the Canadian market, Canada-US transborder market as well as the international market to and from Canada. The company, a founding member of Star Alliance, has built on the vision to provide the world’s most comprehensive air service. It is in the list of the top 20 biggest airways companies.

Mission Statement of Air Canada

The mission statement of Air Canada is ‘To celebrate and promote countries inclusivity, compassion, kindness, and equity.’

Air Canada is the brand ambassador of Canada that represents Canada’s culture and people to the world. From that viewpoint, Air Canada pursues its mission statement rigorously.

By analyzing its mission, we can find some elements of the statement. These are:

  1. Spread the brand name
  2. Uphold the virtues of the country

Spread the brand name: Air Canada is not just an airways company; it is the forerunner of the Canadian aviation industry. As an ambassador of Canada, Air Canada represents its value globally by promoting its brand. The awareness-building program Fly the Flag is a part of the mission to celebrate and promote the country. Fly the flag program engages different societies around the world that create awareness and positive value for the

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Uphold the virtues of the country: Air Canada conveys the nation’s history and how Canadian people sustain themselves in challenging times. Compassion, kindness, and equality are some virtues that uphold Canada and its people. Air Canada’s mission is to build a service that promotes Canadian virtues including inclusive society and equity.

Vision Statement of Air Canada

The vision statement of Air Canada is ‘ To be the best airline in the whole world and provide an excellent customer experience in our flights with full entertainment and loads of satisfaction.’

The vision statement outlines the long-term goal of the company. If we analyze the features of the vision statement, we can get an idea of Air Canada’s blueprint for achieving the vision.

Here are the key elements of the vision statement:

  1. Best airline in the world
  2. Provide excellent customer service
  3. Ensure satisfaction along with entertainment

Best airline in the world: Air Canada is the flagship carrier of Canada, serving more than 50 million customers with 400 fleets on six continents of the world. The company enables to reach its service globally now the vision is to become the best airways company. They are on the right track conforming to the vision. In 2019, Air Canada took place among the 20 largest airlines in the world.

Provide excellent customer service: Air Canada wants to be the best by delivering excellent customer service. The corporate goal is to provide all kinds of support and service to its customer. They believe customer loyalty can create palpable value that cannot be replaced by anything. E-store shopping, airplane credit cards, and Air Canada mobile are some attempts to provide extraordinary service.

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Ensure satisfaction along with entertainment: Air Canada’s vision entitles the best airway service and ensures top-notch service with only satisfaction and entertainment. They are also ready to go the extra mile to attain the vision. Lately, Air Canada has declared Canada’s new best restaurant. They also offer 50% more in-flight entertainment facilities. Every traveler can enjoy 340 movies, short films, games, 500+ programs, 100+ music albums, audiobooks, and podcasts during the trip.

Core values of Air Canada

Every company has core values that associate with the whole operating system of the company. Air Canada aims to expand globally and attain a diverse customer base. Based on its core value, Air Canada develops its mission, vision, and strategies.

The core values of Air Canada are:

  1. Diversity
  2. Equity
  3. Inclusion


Does Air Canada follow its mission statement?

Air Canada’s business operation depicts that it rigorously follows its mission statement to reach its vision.

What is the motto of Air Canada?

The unofficial motto of Air Canada is ” We are not happy; unless you are not happy.”

Does Air Canada change its mission and vision over time?

No, Air Canada never changes its mission and vision yet.

What is the goal of Air Canada?

As a global company, Air Canada has three major goals- integrate economy, environment, and social factors through its business, people and planet.

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