How to Stay Connected to Coworkers While Working Remotely

Stay Connected to Coworkers While Working Remotely

Working remotely has become an increasingly common trend in today’s modern workplace! With the rise of technology and the internet, more and more people can work from home or other remote locations, with many companies adopting flexible work arrangements to accommodate the changing needs of their employees. While working remotely can have many benefits, such as increased flexibility and a better work-life balance, staying connected to coworkers can also be difficult.

Unfortunately, without the daily face-to-face interactions that are typically part of a traditional office environment, it can be easy to feel isolated and disconnected from the rest of your team. However, there are several strategies that you can use to stay connected to your coworkers while working remotely.

Keep reading to explore the importance of staying connected with coworkers while working remotely and practical tips and tools to help remote workers maintain strong relationships with their colleagues. From utilizing digital workspace software to scheduling regular virtual check-ins, we will provide actionable advice to help remote workers stay connected, productive, and engaged while working from home!

Digital workspace software

A digital workspace is a software that provides employees with secure access to their applications, data, and desktops from any device and location. Digital workplace software allows organizations to implement a modern, flexible, and secure way of working, where employees can work from anywhere, at any time, using a wide range of devices.

Some of the key features of digital workspace software include secure remote access, multi-device support, application and desktop virtualization, data and identity management, and collaboration tools. Digital workspace software can provide many features to help remote workers stay connected to their colleagues!

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Its flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of most online events are why digital workspace software is near and dear to our hearts!

Regular Video Conferences

Video conferencing tools are excellent ways to stay connected with your coworkers. Schedule regular video calls for your team to interact virtually, whether or not it is business-related!

This can help build stronger relationships and foster a sense of community. It is also a great way to sync with each other’s work and share ideas and updates.

Collaborate on Projects

Working on projects is an excellent way to build teamwork and stay connected. It provides a groundwork for employees to build a foundation: a starting point to discuss ideas, prospects, and project ideas.

Use collaboration tools (digital workspace software!) to share files, communicate, and keep track of progress. Ensure that you assign tasks and deadlines to keep everyone accountable and motivated.

Regular Check-Ins

Set up regular check-ins with your coworkers to ensure everybody is on the same page moving forwards. You can be creative with it! This can be in the form of a weekly phone call, email, or instant message.

Ask each other how things are going, and listen actively. This can help build trust and foster positive relationships— important aspects of working relationships, especially when you often do not see each other in person.

Socialize Virtually

Just because you are working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t socialize with your coworkers! Our rule of thumb: a fun work environment is a productive one. Use virtual social platforms to chat and share updates, jokes, and fun stories. You can also organize virtual happy hours, coffee breaks, or game nights to better get to know your coworkers!

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We recommend hosting at least one social every couple of months for employees to destress and enjoy each other’s company without the looming presence of a project or deadlines. At these socials, we encourage you to share personal stories! Sharing personal stories and experiences can help build strong relationships and foster community.

Encourage your coworkers to share their hobbies, interests, and experiences. This can also help you learn more about each other and connect personally.

Attend Virtual Events

Attend virtual events together with your coworkers. This can be a virtual conference, a webinar, or even a virtual trivia night. These events can help you stay connected, learn new things, and have fun together. The mere act of learning new things together can bond a team like no other.

Be Proactive

Be proactive in reaching out to your coworkers and building relationships! Just because somebody does not reach out to you does not mean they do not want to connect— they may just be nervous. Offer help and support, and ask for it when you need it.

This can help create a positive and supportive work environment and strengthen your connections with your coworkers. This also ensures that coworkers feel supported by the people around them; as such, they will feel a greater connection to those around them and the company’s values and missions.

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