Understanding Black Lives Matter (BLM) Mission & Vision Statement [Step by Step]

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Mission statement

The non-profit organization “Black Lives Matter” operates in the United States, the UK, and Canada. The origin of the company has a historical interest that influences the mission and vision of the company. Thousands of years of suppression of black people foster the urge to develop this platform. Back in 2013, The murder of Trayvon Martin sows the seed of Black Lives Matter. This foundation strives to eradicate violence against black people and ensure justice for the black community.

Mission Statement of Black Lives Matter

The mission statement of Black Lives Matter (BLM) is ” To eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.”

The integral parts of the statement are analyzed below:

  1. Eradicate white supremacy
  2. Build local power
  3. Combated violence against black communities

Eradicate white supremacy: The company has created a legacy of history. Black people have always been terrorized by the police and authority. White people have palpable supremacy over the black community. African people have been dehumanized for years and years. BLM developed as a platform to uproot white supremacy. It is important to banish racism, and BLM is working toward this goal.

Build local power: Black people and their communities are minor in the west. They never get their rights.  The Black Lives Matter movement works like a facilitator to accumulate local power. Activities spread awareness through BLM and believe in changing the landscape through empowering communities. The institutions, laws, and policies contribute to this injustice.

Combated violence against black communities: Black lives have been killed several times in history. Trayvon Martin was murdered in 2013. Later, two unarmed black men, Michel Brown and Eric Garner were killed by police in New York. BLM takes initiatives to combat such violence and injustice against black people. BLM activists denounced the violence and protested against the brutality.

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Vision Statement of Black Lives Matter

The vision statement of BLM is ” To work for a world where black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise.”

The long-term vision of BLM is to spread awareness around the world as black people have been treated unfairly for so long. In addition, to change the outlook toward the community, BLM induces programs and campaigns.

If we analyze the activities of BLM, we can see how it works to achieve its vision.

According to the vision statement, BLM takes the following initiatives:

  • Opposed racism through political action, letter-writing campaigns, and non-violent protest.
  • BLM works to stop jail mistreatment, excessive police presence in minority neighborhoods, and police brutality.
  • Peddle the necessity for enhancing the accountability of the police.
  • Raise the urgency to train the police to reduce violence against black communities.
  • Organize Black Future Month collaboratively annually every February as the Black History with the aim of growing concerns for black lives.
  • Cross over the cultural activities with the vision of the foundation. Engage different cultural communities, and uphold the idea through art and creativity.

Core values of Black Lives Matter

BLM has strictly followed its core values. This organization highly values its principles and philosophy. The pillars of BLM are:

  • We are expensive
  • We affirm the lives of black people
  • We work for the betterment of the community
  • We affirm our humanity


What is the purpose of the Black Lives Matter organization?

The main purpose of BLM is to reduce oppression against black communities, create space for black people’s immigration and innovation, and ensure humanitarian improvement of black.

Does BLM (Black Lives Matter) follow its mission and vision statement?

Black Lives Matter foundation has followed the mission and vision statement from its origin.

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