Hawaiian Airlines Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

Hawaiian Airlines Mission statement

Hawaiian Airlines, the tenth-largest commercial airline in the United States, commenced its operation in 1929. With an aim to be the largest and biggest airline company, Hawaiian Airlines has been working continuously for the last 90 years. Now it is the largest airline for commercial flights from Hawaii to the United States and vice versa. It has also been positioned as the best domestic airline company in Hawaii.

Let’s analyze the mission, vision, and core values of Hawaiian Airlines, its components, and how it upholds all these elements.

Hawaiian Airlines Mission Statement

The mission statement of Hawaiian Airlines is “To grow a profitable airline with a passion for excellence, our customers, our people, and the spirit of Hawaii.”

If we look at the mission statement, we can find some key elements that show what is the purpose of Hawaiian Airlines.

Here are the key elements:

  • Profitable Airlines
  • Passion for excellence
  • Uphold the Hawaiian spirit

Profitable Airlines: From the business point of view, Hawaiian Airlines stepped up for business growth and profit from its beginning. They figure out the untapped market of airlines in Hawaii that opening the door for immense opportunity. According to the financial report of Hawaiian Airlines company, 93 percent of its capacity comes from North America, the international route, and all the carry-on flights in the US. However, the pandemic slowed down the business lately, but the robust demand can be used as a competitive advantage for the company to keep up its mission. Already Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with Amazon Air Prime to extend the cargo flight operations and maintenance services that will enhance the profit and growth of the company.

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Passion for excellence: The mission statement illustrates the objectives of Hawaiian Airlines, which is the passion for excellence. Hawaiian Airlines strives for the excellence of its service, and they relentlessly work for the betterment of its service and people. This element of the mission has already on a good track. In 2022, Forbes recognizes Hawaiian Airlines company as America’s best employer. Since 2004, the number one On-time performance award has been for Hawaiian Airlines.

Uphold Hawaiian Spirit: Hawaiian Airlines wants to uphold its origin and spirit through its company. Customers and people are their hearts. They aim to infuse the Hawaiian spirit in their service. Community work and corporate social responsibilities are some initiatives in this regard. Volunteering for pet work by Hawaiian employees, donating to military families, and cleaning coastline areas are part of Hawaiian spirit activities.

Hawaiian Airlines Vision Statement

The vision statement of Hawaiian Airlines is ” Our vision is to be the number one destination carrier in the world. “

The long-term goal of a company illustrates in its vision statement. Hawaiian Airlines’ vision statement is precise and pragmatic. Hawaiian Airlines has been working for 90 years and has destinations for 32 countries around the world. The key point is to become the best in the aviation industry.

To achieve its vision, Hawaiian Airlines steps in the following strategies:

  • Hawaiian Airlines develops its unique strategic position as the destination carrier that describes the specific vision of being the tourist attraction of the world. They tend to build a reliable audience who choose to travel to Hawaii through The Hawaiian airline company.
  • Become the largest commercial air service provider in the US.
  • Ensure top-rated carrier service by Travel+Leisure, Zagat, and Conde Naste travelers.
  • “Out of the Box” activities for society and community.
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Core values of Hawaiian Airlines

The core values of Hawaiian Airlines comprised of:

  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Responsibility
  • Achievement
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Change
  • Hospitability


Does Hawaiian Airlines change its mission and vision statement over time?

No, Hawaiian Airlines never changes its mission and vision statement.

What is the slogan of Hawaiian Airlines?

The slogan of Hawaiian Airlines is ‘Hawai’i flies with us.’

What is the purpose of Hawaiian Airlines?

 The purpose of Hawaiian Airlines is to provide world-class service that represents the hospitality of Hawaii to the world.

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