British Airways Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

british airways mission statement

In the aviation industry, British Airways has successfully celebrated its 100 years of journey. British Airways, the flagship carrier of the United Kingdom, started its operation in 1974. Initially, the company worked as an Aircraft transport and travel limited, then rebranded itself as British Airways. Later, it was merged with British Overseas Corporation and British European Airways and gradually evolved as the second-largest airline company. British Airlines has always put its customers’ necessities first. And go forward with a customer-centric mission. British Airlines aspires to provide the best possible airline service to UK residents and international clients.

British Airways Mission Statement Analysis

The mission statement outlines the strategic position of a company. To understand what a company is for, the Mission statement plays a vital role for the business. British Airlines’ mission statement describes the strategic position, values, and heritage.

The mission statement of British Airways is,” British Airways is a global airline, bringing people, places, and diverse cultures closer together for more than 100 years. Serving our community and planet is at the heart of everything we do, and we look forward to sharing our exciting sustainability initiatives with you.”

This mission statement has a distinctive and clear mission that defines the company’s goal and purpose. The mission statement reflects the following features that show what the company wants to do and how.

  1. Global Appearance
  2. Connecting world
  3. Customer is the heart
  4. Embrace sustainability
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Global Appearance: British Airways has served the aviation industry for almost 100 years. As the second-largest airline company, British Airways expands its operation locally to globally. It aims to reach around the world, and it already has 183 flight destinations. Safety, security, and service make the global appearance of the company much more prominent.

Connecting the world: In the mission statement of British Airlines, They declare that the primary work of the company is to bring people, places, and cultures together. They promise to fly the passengers to the world’s greatest cities in the most convenient ways. In this regard, British Airways has airports located in customers’ suitable places.

Customer is the heart: British Airways treats its customers as hearts. They do anything that satisfies the customers. British Airlines believes,” They exist because customers are always there.” They want to create the best travel experience for the customers. They enable this goal by delivering exceptional service that includes :

  • World-class standard
  • Passenger Assistance
  • E-voucher
  • Travel Insurance
  • Help and support

Embrace sustainability: British Airways strives to be a sustainable company in the industry. They take the initiative to fulfil the mission of creating a long-lasting presence globally. British Airlines demonstrates the following as the strategic stance of being sustainable.

  • Become environment friendly in every way.
  • Invest in different communities.
  • Maintain sustainable governance.

British Airways Vision Statement Analysis

A vision statement delivers the message of what a company desires to be, and what image it desires to portray. British Airlines doesn’t publish any hardcore vision as a statement on the website or company profile; however, it has a concise term that showcases where the company wants to see itself in the future.

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The vision of British Airways is, “BA Better World.”

British Airways establishes a business model that considers the whole planet as the business prospect. Flying around the world has connected people, created job opportunities, and amalgamated diversity.

The vision of the company is to make the world a better living place. The company develops guidelines and strategic steps that enable it to achieve its vision which is given below:

  1. Reduce carbon emission
  2. Create opportunities
  3. Help in the time of crisis

Reduce carbon emission: British Airways set the goal to cut carbon emissions from its domestic plans, including Boeing and Airbus. It also leads to some environment-friendly programs like reforestation and rainforest preservation. British Airways has announced that it will reduce carbon emissions by 2020.

Create opportunities: British Airways takes its vision to create life-changing opportunities for the local and global communities. They not only create scope for the job but also launch projects to help.

Help in the time of crisis: To make a better world, British Airways has taken an amusing mission named ‘Flying Start’. This initiative helps underprivileged communities in times of crisis. With the assistance of colleagues and customers, British Airways has raised 26 million Euros and helped more than 8000,000 disadvantaged people around the world.

The core values of British Airways

The core values of British Airlines are given below:

  1. Embracing the best of Britain
  2. Diversity
  3. Inclusion
  4. Doing the right thing
  5. Learning and development


What makes British Airways unique?

British Airways focuses more on service differentiation and customer well-being which make the company unique.



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