Goldman Sachs’ Mission And Vision Statement: A Thorough Analysis

goldman sachs mission statement vision statement

Goldman Sachs is a success story unlike any other. Started as a small trading company to help local families, the company quickly reached the top of the corporate ladder as the top-ranking investment banking option that has revolutionized the way people have exchanged financial services.

Company Name Goldman Sachs
Incorporated In 1869
Mission Statement “commit people, capital, and ideas to help our clients, shareholders, and the communities we serve to grow.”
Vision Statement “establishment of investment and financial freedom for all.”

Company Overview

Goldman Sachs has played the leading role in shaping the foundation of the market that most businesses thrive in. It quickly built its rapport as the leading multinational in investment banking, securities, asset management, brokerage, investment management, securities underwriting, and other financial services.

Marcus Goldman started initially the company in 1869 in New York City as an independent firm. Later in 1882, Goldman brought his son-in-law Samuel Sachs and thus the family-duo initiative established the named Goldman Sachs & Co. Together, the two had combined their family values to spawn a total of 1.6 million dollars by 1898. This was a feat attained by no other company in existence at that time.

Generating about 37 billion dollars overall just last year, the company plays a prominent role in keeping the economy afloat in various aspects. In fact, it generates money providing professional aid in four key segments, namely, institutional client servicing, borrowing and lending, investment banking, and investment management.

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Mission Statement

The Goldman Sachs mission statement expresses, “commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to grow.”

Mission Statement Analysis

The company’s mission has two core values ingrained in its statement:

  • combining resources, and concepts to provide solutions
  • reconstructing lives for the overall betterment

Goldman Sachs has always had a clear grasp on exactly what the clients desire when it comes to investment, banking, property management, or any other financial services. Even if their clients are not sure of what course of action to take, Goldman Sachs is always one step ahead with specialized groups of experts in a multitude of fields.

As mentioned earlier, Goldman Sachs specializes in four key sectors that have their own department of specialists. They are skilled with knowledge on investment and banking aspects that help their clients pave their way into the market share.

Because the company aims to combine its resources to alleviate client concerns, they have a huge global presence to cater to people around the globe. With 38,300 employees around the globe, Goldman Sachs is always prepared to ensure that each and every one of its clients always have help at their disposal.

The company positions itself to live up to its claims to “commit people, capital, and ideas” to give effective solutions their clients seek and use them to further their stance in personal development. This is how Goldman Sachs grows their business as well.

Vision Statement

Goldman Sachs’ vision statement is “establishment of investment and financial freedom for all.”

Vision Statement Analysis

Goldman Sachs’ goals are candid in dictating what they wish to achieve through their competency in providing successful solutions catered to their clients’ needs. With their adroit training and expertise in the plethora of financial fields, Goldman Sachs’ employees are able to come up with surefire methods to help their clients attain their goals.

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This way, people from all walks of life are able to exercise their “financial freedom” which the people at Goldman Sachs take very seriously. They take every detail and concerns into consideration in order to come up with innovative solutions. Simultaneously, they ensure that these solutions are within the means of their clients, keeping their best interest at heart.

Goldman Sachs’ “client first” based core values allows the brand to position themselves as the superior company that puts their clients’ interests first and designs innovative approaches to propel business forwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1, How Does Goldman Sachs Generate Revenue?

Answer: Goldman Sachs generates revenue in four major sectors: investment banking, institutional client servicing, investment management, investing, and lending services.

2. What Are Goldman Sachs’ Core Values?

Answer: Their core values include the following: “teamwork, integrity, the client first, innovation, and excellence”.

3. What Is Goldman Sachs Most Noted For?

Answer: During the banking crisis of 2007-08, Goldman Sachs had used effective strategies to quickly get back on their feet and continue operations unlike no one else.

Final Words

Goldman Sachs was the pioneer of many strategies that were never applied to full effect before that had allowed them to further their stance in the global market. However, their most effective tool was their family-oriented business solutions where they treated their clients’ concerns as their own in order to find a quick fix.


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