Humana Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

humana mission statement

Humana, America’s third-largest insurance company was founded in 1961. Under the American health care system, Humana works for over 59 years and has become the highest revenue generator in the US. Humana Inc. deals with coordinated health care through health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization, service plans, and administrative services products. Humana offers its services to its employer group, government-sponsored plans, and individual citizens. Humana serves the following segments – Retail, Specialty, and Health care service. Humana is listed as the 41 company in the fortune 500 magazines in 2021.

Company NameHumana
Established in1961, Louisville, Kentucky, United States
FounderWendell Cherry, David A. Jones, Sr.

The mission and vision imply what a company is doing, what they want to do, and how it will do it. Humana’s mission and vision statements portray their cost-efficient tendency to build a healthy community.

Humana Mission Statement

Humana Mission Statement is, “To helping employers manage their healthcare costs, guiding consumers to make informed health and benefits decisions, and giving back to the communities we serve.”

Humana Vision Statement

Humana Vision Statement is , “The who, what, why and how of Humana’s efforts to make it easy for people to achieve their best health.”

Values of Humana

Humana believes in the following values:

  1. Cultivate uniqueness
  2. Rethink routine
  3. Inspire health
  4. Thrive together
  5. Pioneer simplicity

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