Aldi Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2022

Aldi mission statement

Aldi is a retail shop established by two German brothers in 1945. It is a private retail chain that is commonly known as a discount supermarket. One can enjoy quality products at an affordable price from Aldi. It is a notable brand for award-winning products. They offer a huge variety of products- Household essentials, dairy products, bakery and snacks items are some of the categories. Aldi is an international discount retailer that operates in 11 different countries with 6520 stores and 155,000 employees.

Company NameAldi
Established in1946, Germany
FounderKarl Albrecht, Theo Albrecht

The mission and vision statement is the touchpoint of a company’s activities. Aldi’s mission and vision portray the aim of providing quality service and becoming the best shopping experience provider.

Aldi Mission Statement

Aldi’s mission statement is To continually set standards for food retailing and to further expand the market position of the ALDI North Group.”

Aldi Vision Statement

Aldi’s vision statement is “To enable shoppers to live richer lives for less.”

Values of Aldi

The primary values of Aldi are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Simplicity
  3. Responsibility

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