Costco: Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 2023

costco mission statement

Founded in 1983, Costco is a multibillion-dollar corporation based in America, establishing itself as one of the top companies led by its profound vision and mission statements. Its business prowess needs no demonstration as it steadily grew into the second-largest retailer of its kind.

Costco takes the vision of global retailing one notch higher, operating in 11 different countries and ensuring the presence of warehouses at 804 locations spread out along the globe. It is a requirement that customers have a membership to shop at Costco; being a big-box retail store, Costco is a leader within its field.

Costco Mission Statement

Costco’s mission statement: “To continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.”

Like most other successful companies, Costco emphasizes the customers and their experience. Therefore, ensuring consistent quality and good prices for customers are essential for the success of Costco. The customers need to benefit while they shop at Costco, and they need to enjoy it. Therefore, the quality received and the price labelled are crucial factors that Costco monitors and adjusts.

Costco Mission Statement Analysis

Costco’s mission statement is simple and concise. The main focus is to provide customers with bargain prices without lashing out on its service’s quality or convenience. Upon a proper inspection, we can divide Costco’s mission statement in 3 distinct components:

  • Bargain Price
  • Good Quality
  • Convenience of Service

Costco ensures that products have a justifiable price attached to them through its intelligent pricing strategy. This way, Costco managed to win many hearts, and it keeps valuing the pockets of the people it serves.

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What’s more, is that Costco does not just set affordable prices for their goods and services; they have an influence on the market price of various products. Deals are even more elusive if customers choose to join the membership program. This alludes to the first component of Costco’s mission statement.

The second component is something Costco is known for; in fact, the brand has always been famous for its quality of goods. As a result, it has been one of the main selling strategies of Costco from the time it was founded.

It was a huge competitive advantage for the company over other wholesale, retail stores. In addition, Costco strives for 100% satisfaction of its customers; if for any reason customers are not satisfied with its service or products, they are eligible for a full refund.

To allude to the third component, Costco ensures that the customer service is always top-notch. It ensures that buying is hassle-free and no doubts are raised in the minds of the customers. It strives to be an influencer of the industry with the aspiration to achieve such goals through its open and structured retailing strategies.

Costco Vision Statement

Costco’s vision statement: “A place where efficient buying and operating practices give members access to unmatched savings.”

Costco’s visions also include the need to provide its customers with a wide selection of merchandise and make the process as convenient as possible to ensure a pleasant experience is received by the people who shop at Costco. The Vision statement stated above is simply an implied version because Costco does not have a defined one.

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Costco Vision Statement Analysis

Costco cares enough about its customers to have an abstract vision statement that is solely relied on the experience that the customers receive while they shop there. In addition, a focus is also put on the employee development program because employee behaviour mustn’t in any way take away from the satisfaction that Costco tries to provide to its customers.

Costco’s vision statement can be divided into three main components.

  • Convenience
  • Savings
  • Wide range of merchandise

Costco’s website is easy to navigate and saves the trouble of hustle that customers usually face when they are trying to buy something from sites that have a cultured interface.

The shopping experience through the site navigation of Costco is fun and the integrated systems in place ensure smooth and seamless transactions. The trusted delivery system employed by the company only adds to the convenience that Costco is able to provide.

Costco also prices its products very strategically, making most of the products a bargain for the customers to own. Add to the fact that Costco has increased the variability of goods and services it can provide only alludes to the savings and wide range of merchandise that Costco can provide its customers.

Costco Core Values Analysis

The core values of Costco are as follows:

  • Obey the law.
  • Take care of our members.
  • Take care of our employees.
  • Respect our suppliers.

These are also dubbed codes of ethics within their website. These are the main values that the company follows. With a strong record from the likes of Costco, it manages its business in methods that serve as a reference for other companies within the same industry to follow.

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One thing the company clarifies is that it wants to achieve success operating within the guidelines and laws of the state. Other prioritizations include doing good by its employees and customers, ensuring ethics and dignity, etc.


What is the Costco motto?

The motto of the company is “Do the right thing.” Costco is straight about its ethics and always ensures that all its operations are following the state rules and guidelines.

What is Costco’s Strategy?

Costco’s main strategy is to keep prices low and margins thin on products that provide the most value. It tends to put emphasis on high-quality products.

What is Costco’s philosophy?

The Costco business philosophy is to provide its members with continual and consistent quality goods at the lowest possible price.

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