Johnson & Johnson Slogan, Mission and Vision Statements: An Extensive Review

johnson and johnson mission statement

Johnson and Johnson is a prestigious company that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaging goods. The company was founded in 1886 and it’s been growing ever since. The company has secured its place in the top 20 of Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies.

Johnson and Johnson’s mission statement and vision statement both reflect the company’s goodwill for people. Being a pharmaceutical and medical supplies company, Johnson and Johnson has a crucial role to play. Johnson and Johnson’s well-defined mission and vision statement shows the company’s responsiveness and care for people.

johnson and johnson mission statement

Johnson and Johnson Company Profile:

Company NameJohnson & Johnson
Company TypePublic
Founded onJanuary, 1886
FoundersRobert Wood Johnson I James Wood Johnson Edward Wood Johnson
HeadquartersNew Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Number of Employees132,200 (2019)
Johnson & Johnson Mission StatementOur Credo Stems from a Belief That Consumers, Employees and the Community Are All Equally Important
Johnson and Johnson Vision StatementTo help people see better, connect better, live better

Johnson & Johnson Company Overview:

Johnson & Johnson, a trusted name in the households, started its journey in 1886 with three visionary brothers named James Wood Johnson, Robert Wood Johnson and Edward Wood Johnson. Over the years, the company’s reputation and business empire only grew. At present, the company has over 250 subsidiaries that operates in 60 countries while selling products in over 175 countries.

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The company’s assets are valued at 170.69 billion USD (2020) and growing. In 2020, Johnson and Johnson’s revenue was 82.584 billion USD.

Apart from its pharmaceutical products, Johnson & Johnson’s baby products, Neutrogena skin and beauty products are very popular among consumers. The company is currently focusing on making every step of its supply chain environment friendly.

Johnson & Johnson’s Mission Statement:

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Johnson and Johnson’s mission statement is: “Our Credo Stems from a Belief That Consumers, Employees and the Community Are All Equally Important

“Credo” is an elaborate term for the mission. Credo means the beliefs and aims that guide to action. Using this term in the mission statement goes to show that Johnson & Johnson’s actions, programs, and productions are all motivated by their belief.

The company’s credo contains the idea that the company cares for its consumers, employees and its community. As Johnson and Johnson is Fortune 500 company with thousands of product lines and programs, its determination to consider the consumers, employees and community equal is a commendable sentiment.

Johnson & Johnson’s Vision Statement:

Johnson and Johnson’s vision statement is “To help people see better, connect better, live better”.

Johnson and Johnson’s vision is focused on helping people have a better life. the vision statement mentions the following elements:

  1. See Better
  2. Connect Better
  3. Live better

The progression of these three components lays out how Johnson and Johnson helping people will eventually lead to a better living standard.

Johnson and Johnson is a primarily a pharmaceutical company and it exists to serve one of the fundamental needs of mankind, healthcare. Since the company contributes to the healthcare industry, it’s responsibility and reliability is a crucial factor.

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The vision statement of Johnson & Johnson states that the company wishes to make people’s lives better by making healthy and beneficial products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Johnson and Johnson’s slogan?

Johnson and Johnson’s subsidiaries have brand slogans but the company does not have a fixed slogan. However, the business slogan that is associated with the company the most is “Your Druggist is More Than a Merchant”.

What is Johnson and Johnson’s Tagline?

Johnson and Johnson tagline is “For All You Love”.

What is Johnson’s Baby Slogan?

Johnson and Johnson’s baby widely known slogan is “No More Tears”.

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