Sprint’s Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

sprint mision statement

Sprint’s mission and vision statements share the beliefs, goals, and aspirations Sprint company has as a company. Sprint values its customers; Sprint is committed to providing world-class service to them.

Sprint Mission Statement

“We help people get better every day. We believe mobile connectivity is the most powerful enabler of progress in the world today. At Sprint, we help our customers make connections, allowing them to do more, strive for more, and enjoy life to the fullest.”

Sprint’s Mission Statement Analysis:

Sprint’s mission analysis is heavily focused on Sprint’s contribution to the prosperity of its customers.

The mission statement starts with the declaration that Sprint enables people to become better each day with its service. The first line outlines what Sprint elaborates on in the latter sentences of the mission statement.

The second sentence provides a hint of what Sprint does and what beliefs lead Sprint to become a telecommunication company. Sprint reckons that mobile connectivity is the greatest tool in making progress in the current conditions of the world. The world is becoming more and more reliant on telecommunication services to discharge day to day duties. From maintaining personal connections to creating a mass communication chain, mobile connectivity remains the most effective medium of communication with the least expense. Sprint’s belief strengthens its conviction to provide quality mobile connectivity service to the customers.

In the last sentence of the mission statement, Sprint elaborates its commitment to help the customers and how its service makes a positive impact on the customers. This sentence serves to express Sprint’s care for its customers. Sprint helps its customers make connections which create a chain of positive events for them. The last line is detailed and ties the first two lines together.

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Sprint Vision Statement

“Sprint’s vision to be a world-class company, the standard by which others are measured, includes a commitment to developing a world-class supplier base that is reflective of the communities we serve.”

Sprint’s Vision Statement Analysis

The vision statement expresses what Sprint wants to achieve as a company.

Sprint aspires to become a world-class company that sets the bar higher for every other company. They want to be the milestone of success and service. The vision statement then moves on to share Sprint’s commitment. Sprint is keen on developing a supplier base the reflects the communities Sprint serves.

A supplier base refers to the portion of a supply network that is managed by the company that buys the supplier base, which in this case is Sprint. In a few words, Sprint indicates the condition of the telecommunication market. There are various service provider companies with a supplier base. Sprint, AT & T, T Mobile US etc. have a distinct supplier base. As a mobile connectivity provider company, Sprint also has a customer base and its equivalent supplier base.

Sprint wants to extend its services to its customers well by developing a supplier base that serves the customers. The last few words of the vision statement smartly delineates the promise of prosperity for the customers, the company’s appreciation and loyalty to its customers. All in all, Sprint’s vision statement is very well constructed.

Sprint Company Overview:

Sprint was the fourth-largest telecommunication company in America before it merged with T-Mobile US on April 1, 2020. It had a customer base of 54.3 million subscribers as of June 19, 2019. Sprint Corporation’s wireless subscriber share was 15.9% in 2019. Sprint was lagging in an extremely competitive market. Since the merger with T-Mobile US, the brand Sprint no longer exists.

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The following contains the information of Sprint company when It used to operate.

  • Company Type: Public
  • Founders: Cleyson Brown, Jacob Brown
  • Founded on: December 21, 1899
  • Headquarters:Overland Park, Kansas, US

Cleyson Brown founded Brown Telephone Company in 1899 which is the predecessor of Sprint Corporation. The aggressive growth strategies of the company made it the largest independent local telephone provider within the mid-1970s.

Sprint had pioneered in its long-distance service. Sprint was the first to have a fully digital nationwide fiber-optic network. It also was made history as the first carrier to provide commercial internet access to its customers.

The company operated under numerous names in its 121 years of service. During this period, Sprint merged with Nextel and Centel and finally with T-Mobile US.


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