SeaWorld Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

seaworld mission statement

In this haphazard world, people seek escapades from laborious life. Nature and animals are a reliable source of relief, and thus idea leads to create SeaWorld parks and entertainment in 1959. Though the original plan was to build an underwater restaurant, it has become a marine zoological park. They have not only an entertainment park but also other projects as part of CSR. SeaWorld care, rescue, and return, conservation are some of their service segments. They have a total of three theme parks located in America. SeaWorld is a 45.83 USD worth company that operates successfully in the entertainment industry.

Company NameSeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Established inMarch 15, 1959
FounderGeorge Millay, Ken Norris, David DeMott, Milt Shedd

The mission statement is supported by the idea of serving natural creations. The vision of the company resonates with this idea as to be a global leader in this industry.

SeaWorld Mission Statement

SeaWorld mission statement is “to help our guests and the world, explore the wonders around them, and then inspire them to take action to protect wild animals and wild places.”

SeaWorld Vision Statement

SeaWorld has the vision to be a leader in saving natural life and places across the globe. The company advances this vision through its corporate social responsibilities.

Values of SeaWorld

SeaWorld core values include

  1. love for world life,
  2. commitment
  3. sacrifice
  4. Conservation.

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