Subaru Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

subaru mission statement

Subaru is a Japanese automobile company that was founded in 1953. It has been a subsidiary of the Japan-based multinational conglomerate, Fuji Heavy Industries since 1988. The company’s headquarters are located in Ebisu, Shibuya, Japan and its North American operations are based in Cypress, California. Subaru has produced cars for over 60 years with six major product lines: Legacy, Forester, Impreza, WRX STI (Sport Technologies), BRZ (Boxer Sportscar) and Outback. The Legacy line includes sedans while the Forester line offers wagons or SUVs depending on configuration options chosen by consumers before purchasing their vehicle.

Subaru Mission Statement

Subaru mission statement is  “We will strive to create advanced technology on an ongoing basis and provide consumers with distinctive products with the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We will aim to continuously promote harmony between people, society, and the environment while contributing to the prosperity of society. We will look to the future with a global perspective and aim to foster a vibrant, progressive company.”

Subaru Vision Statement

The mid-term vision announced by Subaru is “aiming to be a compelling company with a strong market presence built upon its customer-first principle,”

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source: Subaru Vision Statement

Subaru Motto Statement

Subaru’s motto is “Love. It’s What Makes A Subaru A Subaru.” Subaru is using this motto for decades.”

Subaru Values Statement

 At Subaru, you will encounter an industry leader whose values encourage innovation, quality, and individuality. The values of Subaru is mentioned here

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