Travelodge Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

Travelodge Mission Statement

Travelodge is a UK-based private company operating for over 40 years. They not only have hotel service but also have destination ideas, charity functions, environmental projects. They provide services to three countries – Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom. Total 500 hotels in the UK, 11 in Ireland, and 5 hotels in Spain are operating with 11,000 employees. With a unique value proposition, Travelodge has become one of the largest hotel services in the United Kingdom.

Company NameTravelodge
Established in1973
FounderScott King

Travelodge primarily focuses on the value of service. They are committed to providing a unique value proposition.

Travelodge Mission Statement

Travelodge Mission Statement is, “To become the favourite hotel for value”

Travelodge Vision Statement

Travelodge Vision Statement is not mentioned on their official website. That means they do not have any vision statement.            

Values of Travelodge

The core values of Travelodge are:

  • Build competency
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

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