GCU: Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

GCU Mission Statement

GCU is also known as Grand Canyon University, is a private university based in Arizona. This particular university has deep roots in the Christian faith and has been operating for more than 65 years. It takes a unique approach to incorporate its Christian values in its teachings.

GCU uses a hybrid system to allow different students the opportunity to get a degree. The institute’s strategy involves enhancing the academic environment, integrating Christian values, advancing education, empowering the youth, and so on. The core values of GCU have not changed since its debut back in 1949.

GCU Mission Statement

The mission statement of GCU: “Grand Canyon University prepares learners to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders by providing an academically challenging, values-based curriculum from the context of our Christian heritage.”

GCU’s mission statement has played a vital role in enabling the facilities that it promises to provide. Even at tough times, the facilities promised by the institution have not deteriorated. It is also important to note that a vast portion of the students studying at GCU is studying part-time.

GCU Mission Statement Analysis

The mission statements of GCU mainly put emphasis on two components. First are the benefits that the students can receive by studying in GCU, and secondly, the Christian values that GCU helps instil in its students.

  1. Student benefits
  2. Christian Values
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Student Benefits: GCU prides itself as one of the leading universities inside the United States, and their pride forces them to provide the students with opportunities that help them shape their lives and dreams. This is why GCU provides a versatile list of programs that students can choose from. In its nine colleges, it provides somewhere above 200 quality academic programs. Students are also of global origin, and graduates tend to be women.

Christian Values: One of the philosophies of GCU is to go for a holistic approach to the development of its students. While allowing the students to have proper options in terms of the degrees they want to pursue, the facilities they need to aid their journey, GCU also tries to instil values within the students that will help them become dignified human beings beyond just the educational undertaking most of the students are going through.

GCU Vision Statement

The vision statement of GCU: “Through a future centred around a hybrid campus system, Grand Canyon University is a premier Christian University, educating people to lead and serve.”

Before we analyze the vision statement of GCU, here are some interesting statistics that will help better understand the underlying structure that the institution follows.

According to Data USA, out of the total enrolled graduates and undergraduates (around 96,000 students), only 19.1% are enrolled full-time, equating to around 18,000 students. Compared to other Doctoral Universities, the number is significantly low.

However, the part-time enrollment is extremely high, sitting at around 77,800 students, which is more than four times the number of its full-time enrollment. This simply speaks to the strategy that GCU employs when it comes to education.

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GCU Vision Statement Analysis

GCU’s vision statement can be separated into two main components. The first is “Educating people to lead,” and the second emphasizes a hybrid system that the university already utilizes.

  1. Educating to Lead
  2. Teaching through a hybrid system

Educating to Lead: GCU goes for a holistic approach, and while all universities should try to follow an approach reminiscent of this, not all of them are able to. GCU, on the other hand, has been quite successful with its holistic approach, and one core element of that has been the values they incorporate which mostly come from the Christian heritage.

Teaching through a hybrid system: As mentioned earlier, GCU has a lot more part-time students than full-time ones. The number is highly skewed towards one side and it only accentuates the mission and vision statement put out by the institution. It has already reached a satisfying level of success in its endeavour. The online teaching methodology employed by GCU has only gotten better as more and more students have enrolled.

GCU Core Values Analysis

The Core Values of GCU include integrity, creativity, responsibility, “diversity, confidence, community transformation, integrity, and responsibility.”

These are the guiding principles for GCU. Since GCU is an educational institution, its core values matter more than other institutions. The core values listed above have been elemental in the foundation and growth of GCU as an institution. Some might argue that Christianity is a core value of GCU, and they wouldn’t be wrong; however, the values stated above are incommensurate with Christian values, but they are not limited to it. Most of these values are also ethical and moral values.

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What is GCU Motto?

“Find your Purpose.” One of the most important life questions one might have is what their purpose is in life, and this is a philosophical question that takes all our lives to figure out, and GCU tries to address that and aid its students in finding a purpose or at least shorten the time to find the purpose.

What is the GCU Strategy?

The main strategies of GCU are to be a world leader in social innovation, deliver a transformative education, and impact research through purposeful partnerships.

What is the reputation of Grand Canyon University?

GCU was ranked as the 7th best College Campus in the U.S. in 2018 (by NICHE Best Colleges 2018)

How is the credibility of Grand Canyon University?

GCU is a fully accredited university. It was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Higher Learning Commission was founded in 1895, an independent accreditation institution.


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