Twitter Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 2023

twitter mission statement

Originally created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams back in march of 2006, Twitter presently is an American microblogging and social networking service. People who use Twitter can post and interact with other users and their content, known as “tweets.” Users who are registered on the website can post/tweet, retweet, or like others’ tweets.

Twitter can be accessed through the Twitter app or through any browser. Earlier Tweets made by users were limited to only 140 characters, which increased to 280 in November of 2017.

Founded in 2006 and launched in July of that same year, Twitter had more than 100 million user posts daily by the year 2012. When 2013 came around, Twitter was one of the top ten most-visited websites, and by 2019 Twitter had more than 330 million active monthly users.

Twitter Mission Statement

Twitter’s mission statement is “To reach the largest audience around the world daily by connecting everyone their information-sharing platform, to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly and without barriers.”

Twitter’s Mission statement has five components:

The first component is to give everyone access to Twitter’s main components. Why? Because Twitter is a massive social media that has more than 321 million users within the age range of 13 to 50+ years old. The second component is to give the power to create and share. Twitter allows users to consume, create, discover and distribute content. Many people use Twitter as a self-expression tool by making their opinions public through this social platform.

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Twitter users can join open conversations and watch clips highlights or various streams live, which deals with the open ideas and information component of Twitter’s mission statement. The fourth component is that Twitter allows its users to quickly make their opinions public. One needs to type something and press send, and a tweet is done.

Finally, Twitter organizes content around events and topics, making it easy for people to find relevant content per their preference. There are no barriers, and the company illustrates that its businesses try to improve and inspire free conversations. Essentially, Twitter tries to decentralize content distribution and creation.

Twitter Vision Statement

The vision statement of Twitter is  “To be the world’s most diverse and inclusive company.”

This encapsulates the vision that Twitter considers to achieve all its goals. The vision is key to serving the customers and public conversation. Twitter believes in free expression and thinks everyone’s voice has the power to create change within the world.

Twitter is committed to creating a workforce made of amazing people.

Twitter Core Values

  • Internet Safety and Education
  • Free Expression and Civil Liberties
  • Equality
  • Environmental Conservation and Sustainability
  • Crisis and Emergency Response

These are the core values of Twitter. Twitter aids in individual education and online safety program. It is accomplished through the support of different organizations that mitigate bullying that is done online. Twitter encourages initiatives that help defend and respect voices of all races. It tries to promote civil liberties.

One of the core values of Twitter is the universal acceptance of all people, and equity. Twitter believes that talent is found everywhere; however, opportunities are not. This is why Twitter works with various organizations to promote equal opportunity.

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Additionally, Twitter works with NGOs worldwide to raise awareness, protect the environment and increase sustainability.


Who is the current CEO of Twitter?

The Current CEO of Twitter in 2022 is Parag Agrawal.

What is Twitter’s Philosophy?

“Context Matters”- Twitter tries to show different sides of an issue so that a bias isn’t generated.

What is Twitter’s Net worth?

Twitter’s Net worth sits around $13.316 Billion.


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