Heath Vs Skor: The Ultimate Battle of The Toffees

Heath Vs Skor

From the moment you take a bite till it dissolves into a sweet, gooey mush in your mouth, toffees can literally lift you and your mood in a jiffy. But can all toffees do the same and give you a sweet break?

Hmm… it’s a nail-biter.

Now, while you mentally list down all of your favourite toffees, we’re pretty confident that you’re confused between the position the renowned Heath and Skor toffees stand at. Trust us, every toffee lover has been confused between the two, and you’re no different.

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Would you like to reach a definite conclusion rather than live in this turmoil? Great, because we’re here to talk about the ultimate smackdown. Heath vs. Skor – which one is better? It’s finally time to find out!

History Of Heath And Skor:

The Hershey Company produces both Skor and Heath toffee bars. L.S Heath made Heath toffee bars in 1914. It was sold to Leaf, but Hershey Company acquired Leaf Inc. later in 1996. Therefore, Hershey also acquired Heath toffee bars as the Leaf acquisition came alive.

Skor is a baby product compared to the growth and age of Heath bars. It was introduced by the Hershey Company to toffee bar lovers back in 1981 as a competitor to Heath. As Hershey didn’t acquire Leaf Inc. till 1996, they decided to run both the brands parallelly, and they’re still continuing to do so.

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What Is A Heath Bar?

The Hershey Company says the Heath toffee bar is an English treat with milk chocolate covered in toffee. To put it straight, Heath toffee bars are a glamorized American version of the English toffee bars, also known as butter crunch. Heath has a caramelized taste and a superior gooey texture.

What Is A Skor Bar?

Skor is also created by the Hershey Company and consists of a butter toffee slab wrapped in a milk chocolate layer. It comes in a king and single size. Similar to Heath, Skor also has a few common ingredients, such as almonds, salt, sugar, and butter.


But, to know more about their ingredients breakdown, check the tables below to see each of the bars’ common and distinctive ingredients.

Common Ingredients In Heath & Skor Toffee Bars
Cocoa butter
Non-fat milk
Milk fat
Dairy butter
2% or less of salt

Below, we will see some of the toffee bars’ differing flavours and ingredients. They have a distinct difference in flavour, nutritional value, and texture.

Heath ToffeeSkor Toffee
Vanillin, artificial flavourNatural flavour
Palm oilSunflower oil
2% or less of artificial flavour and soy lecithin2% or less of sweetened condensed milk or sunflower oil

Nutritional Value:

As we can tell by now, there are a few dissimilarities between the ingredient lists in Heath and Skor. However, even with minimal distinction, it’s essential to see the breakdown of the nutritional value to know more about the toffee bars, especially if you’re a conscious eater.

Potassium0% DV0% DV
Iron4% DV2% DV
Calcium2% DV2% DV
Vitamin D0% DV0% DV
Total sugar24g23g
Dietary fibre<1g0g
Total carbohydrate25g24g
Trans Fat0g0g
Saturated Fat7g8g
Total Fat13g12g
Serving Size1.4oz or 39g1.4oz or 39g


To be honest, it’s pretty challenging to tell the difference between the toffee bars just by the appearance without the packaging.

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However, upon closer inspection, one could tell that Skor has a darker, chocolatey tint to it than Heath. Both toffee bars have swirly designs and lines running along their length.


Let’s face it, the distinction in taste between the toffee bars is paper-thin. But, some people still have a preference for one over the other. However, this article isn’t biased on childhood nostalgia that most people unknowingly divulge while deciding between these two.

So, to put an end to that tug of war, enthusiasts performed a blind taste test. Since both of these bars are milk chocolate coated in a layer of crunchy toffee, some people couldn’t tell the difference. However, others could tell them apart, no matter how intricate the distinction was.

They concluded that Skor had a strong chocolatey taste, whereas Heath had a more dominant caramel or buttery flavour. Which one would you prefer?

Personal preference on tastebuds’ palates plays a massive role in the taste sector. Generally, Heath bars have a higher vote due to their richer taste and flavour, but we’re not judging! It all boils down to your preference at the end of the day.


Now, let’s talk about texture. Since the ingredient list and layers of the bars’ making are pretty much the same, the textures don’t vary greatly either (no surprise there).

Heath and Skor bars have a soft coat of milk chocolate accompanied by a thin slab of butter toffee or butter almond crunch, depending on if it’s Heath or Skor. This definite layering makes the topmost layer ooey-gooey and buttery, while the centre has a bit more of a bite to it because of the almonds and crunch.

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Additionally, Skor bars appear darker than Heath bars when you cut them open or take a bite. On the contrary, some people believe that Skor bars are less buttery and more on the chocolatey side when it comes to contrast. However, it all comes down to personal liking.


It’s time to boil down the facts. We can tell by now that Heath and Skor bars have fewer to no differences whatsoever. Hershey continues to run both of these successful brands as Skor was initially created to be a direct competitor of Heath bars. But that was before Hershey made the acquisition.

To put it simply, both of these bars will deliver quite similar results, taste and nutrition-wise. Heath and Skor have a buttery caramel layer that flows through your mouth into a puddle of sweetness, while the almonds add a sudden crunchy bite between those milky and creamy nibbles.

Mmm… I’m practically drooling as I write about them. I’ll leave you toffee lovers’ taste buds to conclude while I get myself a treat or two!


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