Does Mountain Dew Ice Have Caffeine?

Does Mountain Dew Ice Have Caffeine?

Mountain Dew is produced by PepsiCo Inc. Mountain Dew Ice is a new flavour of Mountain Dew. The taste and flavour of Mountain Dew Ice are quite different from the old mountain dew.

On the other hand, Mountain Dew Ice is not related to other lemon-soda brands such as 7up, Sprite, or Sierra Mist. Usually, lemon soda drinks do not contain caffeine, but Mountain Dew ice is the exception.

Does Mountain Dew Ice have caffeine or not?

Yes, Mountain Dew Ice contains caffeine. The percentage of caffeine is 91 milligrams per 20-ounce. Usually, lemon soda or lime soda does not contain caffeine, and the 91 milligrams of caffeine in MTN Dew Ice is quite a high percentage.

A bottle of MTN Dew is mostly comparable to a cup of coffee in terms of caffeine content, which contains approximately 95 milligrams of caffeine. It has 160 calories and 41 grams of sugar per bottle, compared to 290 calories and 77 grams of sugar in a classic Mountain Dew. So we can say coffee and Mountain Dew Ice both contain the same amount of caffeine.

Mountain Dew Ice Caffeine Chart

The amount of caffeine will, of course, depend on how much Mountain Dew Ice you are drinking.

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Here is the chart of the difference in caffeine parentage according to the different servings.

Serving SizeCaffeine (mg)Caffeine(mg)/fl oz
7.5 fl oz344.53
12 fl oz544.5
16 fl oz724.5
16.9 fl oz774.56
20 fl oz914.55

Another Brands Flavour of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Ice is a new flavour of the classic mountain dew. There are 15 more flavours of Mountain Dew available. Those are:

  • Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning
  • Diet Mountain Dew
  • Mountain Dew Ice
  • Mango Lime Mountain Dew Kickstart
  • Mountain Dew White Out
  • Diet Mountain Dew Code Red
  • Mountain Dew Pitch Black
  • Mountain Dew Live Wire
  • Mountain Dew Baja Blast Zero Sugar
  • Mountain Dew
  • Mountain Dew Code Red
  • Mountain Dew Voltage
  • Black Cherry Mountain Dew Kickstart
  • Mountain Dew Throwback
  • Mountain Dew Baja Blast

Mountain Dew Ice’s Other Ingredients

Except for the caffeine, there are a few more ingredients present in the mountain dew ice. Before drinking the mountain dew ice, you should know the name of the ingredients. Here are the names:

  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Natural Flavor
  • Clarified Lemon Juice
  • Concentrate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Caffeine
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sucralose
  • Calcium Disodium Edta

To conclude, If you enjoy lemon soda or other sodas but do not want to consume caffeine due to health concerns, you should avoid the mountain desiccated and instead drink other lemon sodas that do not contain caffeine.


What is the flavour of Mountain Dew Ice?

Mountain Dew Ice is a lemon-lime-flavoured beverage.

How much caffeine does Mountain Dew Ice contain?

It contains 91 milligrams of caffeine per 20 ounces of the bottle.

Which Mountain Dew has the most caffeine?

Mountain Dew Classic has the most caffeine. The amount of caffeine is 55mg.

Does Mountain Dew have more caffeine?

There is a significant difference between Mountain Dew Ice and Coca-Cola 34 mg and Pepsi 38 mg. As a result, Mountain Dew Ice contains more caffeine than other drinks.

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