Ragu vs Prego: What’s the Difference and Which One is Better?

Ragu vs Prego

Ragu and Prego are the famous sauces preferred by many people around the world. While comparing these two counterparts, there are differences in terms of smell and test, and you will find similarities when it comes to ingredients. Let’s compare these two brands’ differences and similarities in detail. It might help you decide which one you should prefer.

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Ragu vs Prego

Before starting the comparison, let’s be familiar with the two sources if you have already not. Also, for better comparison, please be informed that the article only considers the Ragu Old World Style Traditional Sauce and the Prego Traditional Sauce.

What is Ragu?

Ragu is simply a tomato sauce owned by a Japanese food company named Mikzan; previously it was owned by the famous company Unilever till 2014. It is comparatively a thicker sauce with a strong flavour. People prefer to have Ragu with Lasagna, meatballs and Ravioli.

What is Prego?

Prego is also a popular tomato sauce owned by Campbell Soup Company launched in 1981. It is comparatively a thinner sauce, and it is lighter in colour. The sauce is typically served with Pizza, Pasta, and other dishes.

Comparison between Ragu and Prego

As mentioned earlier, the main differences come when considering test and smell. There are a few other differences, except for the test and smell. Let’s discuss it.

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CommonTomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Sugar, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Spices, Dehydrated OnionsSame as the Ragu
UniqueOlive Oil, Garlic Powder, Onion PowderCanola Oil, Citric Acid, Onion Extract, Garlic Extract

Nutrition facts

If you are looking for a healthy sauce; in other words, if you are wondering which sauce is much healthy, you would be disappointed to know that both the sauces are not that healthy in terms of nutrition facts. Have look at the following table

Comparison between Ragu and Prego

Calories6070Deference is 10
Total fat1%2%The deference is 1%
Total Carbohydrate11g11gSame
Dietary Fiber3g3gSame
Added Sugars1g3gThe difference is 2g
ProteinNill2gThe difference is 2g
Potassium600mg350mggThe difference is 250mg

Looking at the table, you can see that there is not that much difference between these two brands. They both have an equal amount of sodium, carbohydrate, fibre, calcium, and Iron. There is little difference when it comes to fat, and potassium. A significant difference is observed between added sugar, and calories. It is also interesting that Ragu does not contain protein while Prego has 2g of it.


Both the sauces are completely different in terms of tests. Ragu tends to be slightly sweet with a metallic flavour. It is also crispy with tackiness which people are often looking for. If you like thick sauces, then the Ragu might be your first choice. Prego, on the other hand, is comparatively sweeter and tarter with storing aroma. Also, it is somewhat watery; I mean thinner.

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Test Comparison between Ragu and Prego

Less sweetSweeter
CristyNot crispy
Metallic flavourContains Aroma
TackinessNot tackiness


You all know that the price varies depending on which shop you prefer. On average, you could get a 45-ounce pack of Ragu in exchange for USD 3.06 and the same size of Prego is available for USD 3.77. That means Ragu is usually cheaper than the Prego.

Popularity on social media

Social media has become a strong benchmark when measuring popularity. Although marketing strategies, investment in branding and many other facts contributes to the popularity of social media, you could rely on the social media status as a real fact.

Social mediaRaguPrego
FacebookNot working122k
TwitterNo account161
PinterestNot workingNot working

It is clear that Ragu is more popular than Prego on all social media platforms. However, on Twitter Ragu is not present while Prego is present there with only 161 followers.

Customer review on Amazon

Day by day, customer review has become an integral part of a product for its further marketing. A large number of people nowadays check the customer review before getting the product. Let’s have a short look at the status of customer reviews on Amazon.

Customer review on Amazon between Ragu and Prego:

Global ratings11291190
5 Star85%85%
4 Star9%10%
3 Star5%3%
2 Star1%1%
1 Star0%1%

Both the products have almost similar kinds of reviews. It is really hard to tell which one got the more positive review. However, looking at it very carefully, it could be said that Prego has got a slightly more positive review than Ragu.

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Major differentness between Ragu and Prego

Although in terms of tests Ragu and Prego are completely different sauces, they have some similarities, particularly when it comes to nutrition facts. Also, there are a few differences as well.

The difference at a glance:

CompanyMikzanCampbell Soup Company
Total fat1%2%
Added Sugars1g3g
SweetnessLess sweetSweeter
CrispyCrispyNot crispy
PriceUSD 3.06USD 3.77
Social MediaMore popularLess popular
Customer review on AmazonNot better than PregoBetter than Ragu

Similarities between the two brands

These two sauces have very minimal similarity which is why they completely test different. If you are looking at the nutrition facts, you may find a few similarities. Other than that, they mostly differ from one another.

Similarities at a glance
GenreTomato sauceTomato sauce
Total Carbohydrate11g11g
Dietary Fiber3g3g

Which one is best?

When deciding which food item is best, we generally consider two facts: nutrition and test. Nutrition is objective, but the test is subjective. That means if considering tests, both could be preferable depending on different persons. So, it is quite common that some will go for Ragu and others will go for Prego. However, social media clearly show that more people prefer Ragu over Prego. That is to say, Ragu is better than the Prego.


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