­­Twix vs Snickers: Which One is Better?

Twix vs Snickers

Who does not love candy bars? While having chocolate, a hormone named dopamine is released from the brain. It is the same hormone that is basically released from the brain at the time of feeling so good! That is why people regardless of age around the world love to have candy bars. Let’s have a discussion on two popular candy bars and compare them: Twix and Snickers.

What is Twix?

Twix is a popular candy/chocolate bar that contains biscuits or cookies in the center; the biscuit or cookie is usually made from shortbread or kinds of shortbread. On top of the biscuit, there is a thin layer of chocolate and a thick layer of caramel. The biscuit along with the chocolate and caramel layer is coated with milk chocolate.

This chocolate bar was first launched in the UK in 1967 by Mars and at that time it was called Raider. Later on, in 1979, the candy bar was introduced in the USA and since then it is officially called Twix instead of Raider.

What is Snicker?

Snicker is another candy bar that contains nougat at the center. On top of that, there are two layers consisting of roasted caramel and peanuts. The nougat, caramel, and peanuts are covered by milk chocolate.

The same company Marcs started to produce Snickers in 1930 in the UK, but it was called Marathon bar at that time. The name changed to Snickers in 1990.

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Comparison between Twix and Snicker

1. Variety

Several kinds of Twix and Snickers are available in the market in terms of taste and size. While Twix has a total of 16 items with 8 right bars and 8 left bars, Snickers has 28 types. If you do not exactly know the difference between Twix’s left and right bars, please do not wonder anymore. Have a look at the following chart.

Left TwixRight Twix
cascaded carameldrizzled caramel
Crispy cookieCrunchy cookie
More caramelLess caramel
Lighter cookieA mix of darker and lighter cookie

2. Ingredients:

Both products have two common ingredients: milk chocolate and caramel. The main ingredient which is placed at the center of Twix and Snicker is different; they are Biscuits and peanuts, respectively. Another interesting fact is that egg is used while making Snicker, but there is no egg in Twix.  

3. Nutrition facts

It can be easily assumed that most people are not concerned about nutrition facts when having candy bars; it is most tested and feeling why people are crazy for chocolate. However, a few people who are adults and have a particular disease might look at their nutrition status. Or perhaps, you are a capricious one who just one to know the facts!

Nutrition Comparison Table between Twix and Snicker

BenchmarkTwix Caramel Full Size Candy BarSnicker Singles Size Chocolate Candy BarsRemarks
Size1.79 oz1.86 oz 
Total fat12g12gSame
Saturated fat7g4.5gDifference is 2.5
Sodium105mg125mgThe difference is 20mg
Total Carbohydrate34g32gThe difference is 2g
Dietary Fiber<11gAlmost same
Dietary Fiber DailyNill4%The difference is 4%
Total Sugars25g28gThe difference is 3g
Includes Added Sugars23g26gThe difference is 3g
Protein2g4gThe difference is 2g
Vitamin D00Same
Iron04%The difference is 4%
Potassium2%4%The difference is 2%

Sorry to break it to you that both chocolate bars are not that much rich in nutrition facts, and they do not have that much difference either. They have a similar amount of calories (250), fat (12g), cholesterol (<5), and calcium (4%). On the other hand, with regard to other nutrition facts, there are minimal differences. For example, Twix has more saturated fat (2.5g), and carbohydrate (2g). In contrast, Snicker has more sodium (2og), sugar (3g), added sugar (2), and protein (2g)

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4. Price

The price depends on the stores that you choose. When it comes to Walmart, the price is the same for a Twix Caramel Full Size Candy Bar and a Snicker Singles Size Chocolate Candy Bar which is USD 0.98. However, at Target, the price is USD 1.29 and 0.99, respectively; which means here Twix is more expensive.

5. Seals record

Twix and Snickers are both popular around the globe, but snickers are more popular than its counterpart. Let’s take an example from the USA. According to Statista, more than two-fold people (48.06 million) bought Snickers than those (20.53 million) who got Twix in 2021.

6. Popularity on social media

In today’s world, it has become comparatively easy to measure popularity without doing an on-site or online pool. If you see the number of people following the official page of a certain product on several social media platforms, you could make a conclusion about which one is more popular and which one is less. Let’s see how many followers these two brands have on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social mediaTwixSnicker

The deference between Twix and Snicker

Twix and Snicker both are manufactured by the same company March and there are a lot of similarities between them. However, a few differences make one preferable over another to consumers over the world. Let’s have a look on those major differences at a glance.

First lunch19671930
main ingredientBiscuitPeanuts
Product verity1628
Total Sugars25g28g
Includes Added Sugars23g26g
Seals recordFewer seals recordMore seals record
Popularity on social mediaLess popular on social mediaMore popular on social media

Major Similarities  

Like the differences, there are a lot of seminaries as well. You have already known that these two products are made by the same company. In terms of ingredients, nutrition and price, the similarities are as follows

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The difference at a glance:

Important ingredientsMilk chocolate and caramelMilk chocolate and caramel
Total fat12g12g
PriceUSD 0.98USD 0.98

Hope you now have a complete idea of Twix and Snicker: you know the differences and you know the similarities as well. What is your favorite one and why? Are you going to change your preferable candy bar after reading this article? Write to us with your opinion…….

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