LinkedIn Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

linkedin mission statement

The mission statement of LinkedIn is as follows: “Connecting the professionals of the world and making them successful and productive.”

LinkedIn’s mission statement is key in understanding its vision that is interconnected to its mission. LinkedIn is a work-related website, but it also takes into account the effect it has on the members’ personal lives. One of the main components of LinkedIn is that it connects professionals in the same fields. The connections are very relevant, and it helps professionals and hirers save time in situations that are hard to account for.


Commonly regarded as a social networking website for professionals, LinkedIn is a website that helps people make business connections. Currently, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 810 million members in more than 200 countries.

LinkedIn operates via websites and mobile apps; it is an American business that is an employment-oriented online service. LinkedIn launched in 2003, May, and was primarily used for career development and professional networking.

LinkedIn Vision Statement

LinkedIn’s vision is to “Transform how the world looks for work, develop and market professional skills.” As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn’s mission and vision statements are interconnected, and they overlap quite a bit. As a result, many professionals on LinkedIn use the platform to gain new connections that will help their business and their self-development.

The vision statement is key in understanding the operations of LinkedIn as a social connector. There are two components to LinkedIn’s vision statement, which can be attributed to the success that LinkedIn has accumulated. How they will achieve the goal to transform professional networking in the coming era is still a question, but one way might be transforming the methodology that people looking for jobs, especially the new graduates.  

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Core Values Analysis

  • Being members first
  • Relationships matter
  • Be open-honest and constructive
  • Demand excellence
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Act like an owner

These are the values that LinkedIn comprises of. Values like these are defined to allow the mentioned qualities to be illustrated to its members and employees to interact and behave to high standards.


What is LinkedIn used for?

LinkedIn is used to find the right job, strengthen and connect professional relationships, and learn skills that are needed to succeed in one’s career.

How does LinkedIn Earn money?

LinkedIn earns money from 5 different revenue streams: Marketing solutions, talent solutions, sales solutions, learning solutions, and premium subscriptions.

Is LinkedIn dying out?

No, LinkedIn isn’t dying, but it’s in a changing phase.


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