Spirit Airline Mission Statement and Vision Statement Analysis 2023

Spirit Airline Mission Statement

Spirit Airlines has a precise mission statement that depicts what underpinned the company’s purpose and goal. The mission statement of Spirit Airlines is, “Deliver the Best Value in the Sky and Be the Most Successful Airline on Earth.”

Analyzing its mission statement, two key takeaways help us to understand better what the company is entitled to do.

  1. Best value provider
  2. Be the “ONE”

Best value provider: Spirit Airlines has committed to delivering the best value to its customer. They always focus on the service and its quality and strategically develop its service that creates value for the service users.

They specify the service spectrum by mentioning ‘in the sky’ which assures where they serve as well as the target audience.

Be the “ONE”: Spirit airlines is dedicated to serving in the sky and also aims to provide exceptional valuable service.

The mission statement also outlines the purpose of being the most successful airline company in the industry. They have already taken initiatives that underpinned its mission. Starting with an unbundled fare, they offer customized travel solutions.

For instance, people can pay only for the services they grab as luggage, seating arrangement, refreshments, and other special features. These differentiate the service and enable them to be the most successful and unique in the industry.


Spirit Airlines is known as an American ultra-low-cost carrier and is the eighth-largest passenger carrier in North America.

Being established in 1983, Spirit airlines successfully uphold its mission and vision through its operation and service.

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The company is entitled to provide top-notch service and be the best airline service in the aviation industry. Currently, it has 177 fleets and operates in 83 destinations.

What’s the Spirit Airline’s Vision Statement?

Spirit airline never publishes an official vision statement. However, it intends to follow the mission statement as the company vision.  It can be inferred that Spirit airlines want to be the most favorable airline company in the world.

In the long run, the company aims to achieve the most successful position through its quality service.

Over time, Spirit has adopted new strategies like pivoting its network strategy in 2020, becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and above all serving the guest and community.

Spirit has always cherished broadening ESG initiatives and enhancing the scope for improving its community and society at a large.

No matter what new strategies it adopts, always stick with the mission and vision of being the most desired airways service with affordable price and value-added service.

As the vision of the company describes why the company exists, Spirit Airlines is founded to be the most successful company and ensures its guest and team members serve reliably.

Values of Spirit Airline

Spirit Airlines has upbringing a culture of easygoing, relaxed, welcoming, fun, and playful. It has the following core values that keep it consistent with the company culture. This can be described as the ‘4S of Spirit’s value.’

  • Safety
  • Service
  • Savvy
  • Style

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