Tropicana Vs Simply Orange: Which One is Better?

Tropicana Vs Simply Orange

On a hot day, a glass of drink sounds like a mental relief, at least for a few minutes. If you would like to go the extra mile apart from the mental satisfaction like you want physical benefit, orange juice might be one of the best choices. Orange juice is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C.  The question is which brand you should go for? There are plenty of brands available in the market. Let’s compare two popular brands in detail: Tropicana and Simply orange.

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Comparison between Tropicana and Simply orange


Simply orange comparatively a new brand introduced in the market for the first time in 2001 by an American juice company named Minute Maid in conjunction with a famous beverage company- Coca-Cola. The company claims that they source oranges from Florida (USA), which produce more orange than any other country, Brazil and Mexico. Seven different types of Simply orange juices are currently available in the market.

Since 1947, it is being manufactured primarily by Tropicana Products, Inc. and later, one of the largest beverage companies PepsiCo incorporated it in 1998. Again, in 2021, a new French company named PAI Partners took the business. The official website of the Tropicana claims to collect fresh oranges mostly from Florida (USA) and Brazil. PAI Partners currently produce a total of 12 different kinds of orange juices.

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Product variety

Both brands have several types of juices including, orange, lemonade, apple, grape etc. Currently, Tropicana offers 45 verities whereas Simply orange introduces a total of 34 different types of juices. It is worth mentioning that only simply orange has dairy juices.


It is not only the test that people are looking for in food. In the modern world, people have become more health-conscious and they, especially adults, look into nutrition ingredients before selecting a particular brand. The official websites of Tropicana and Simply orange mentioned the nutrition facts as follows:

Comparison between Tropicana and Simply orange (8 fl oz):

Nutrition factsTropicana (Pulp Free)Simply orange (Pulp Free)Remarks
Total fat0000Same
Total carbohydrate26g25gThe difference is 1g
Total sugar22g22gSame
Potassium450mg410mgThe difference is 40mg
Vitamin C90mg45mgThe difference is 45mg
Niacin0.8mgDifference is 0.8mg
Vitamin B60.1mg0.1mgSame
Vitamin B30.1mg0.1mgSame
Folate60mcg00Difference is 60mcg

Looking at the table, you can see that most of the nutrition facts are the same in quantity. In Tropicana, carbohydrate, potassium, and vitamin C are more than the “Simply orange” which is 1g, 40g and 45g, respectively. In addition, Tropicana has extra two ingredients which are Niacin and Folate.

Overall, there is not that much significant difference between these two brands in terms of nutrition, except for vitamin C. Niacin and Folate are also critical facts indeed. It can be assumed that more people who are concerned about their health might go for the Tropicana because of just vitamin C.  

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Simply orange’ (4pack) price is USD 4.98 whereas the price for Tropicana is USD 5.98. It is not that different between the prices. However, those who do not earn enough might always go for the Simply orange to save money.

Sales record

According to “Statista”, a provider of market and consumer data, in the USA, Tropicana beat Simply orange by 247.12 million U.S. dollars in 2021. That means in America Tropicana is more sold juice than Simply orange but remember the sales statistics do not mean that you will prefer Tropicana.

PeriodSeals in USD (Tropicana)Seals in USD (Simply orange)Difference in USDWinner
52 weeks ended May 16, 20211075.49 million828.1 million247.12 millionTropicana


Simply orange tests like freshly squeezed 0range juice with a strong orange flavour. It does not have any other flavour like bitter, citric acid, or sour.

Tropicana, on the other hand, is much sweeter and sourer. It has also a bitter and tangy touch. Moreover, compared to the simply orange, Tropicana is more watery

Test comparison:

Tropicana  Simply orange
Freshly squeezed orange juice

Popularity on social media

On social media, the Tropicana is much popular in terms of having followers! This is true for the most popular social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is really noticeable that Tropicana has far more followers than its counterpart.

Social MediaFollower TropicanaFollower Simply orangeWinner

Major differences between Tropicana and Simply orange

So, what are the major differences between these two? Let’s have a clear picture at a glance. Just remember that the differences are not constant; those may change with time. So be updated all the time!

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Area/sectorTropicanaSimply orange  
CompanyPAI PartnersCoca-Cola
Product variety45 in number34 in number
Total carbohydrate26g25g
Vitamin C90mg45mg
PriceUSD 5.98USD 4.98
dairy productsNoYes
52 weeks ended May 16, 20211075.49 million828.1 million
FlavourSweet, sour, bitter and tangyfreshly squeezed 0range juice
Popularity on social mediaMuch popularLess popular

Key Similarities between these two

There are a few similarities as well you could find if you compare them. So of the key similarities are as follows:

AreaTropicanaSimply orange  
Raw materials (mostly)Florida, USAFlorida, USA
Total fat0000
Total sugar22g22g
Ingredients100% orange100% orange
Artificial colourNoNo
Artificial flavourNoNo

Which one is better?

You cannot find out a solid and appropriate answer to this question; it is completely subjective. Some people find simply orange much testier, and others stand for Tropicana. It depends on a few facts like the test preference of a consumer, health perspective and economic condition as well. Depending on the mentioned facts, an individual may choose one over another. However, in terms of seals record and the number of followers on social media, Tropicana ranks better than Simply orange. But do not forget that simply orange is still chosen by thousands of people around the world.


What are the benefits of having orange juice?

There are several benefits of having orange juice: 1. Provide multiple nutrients 2. Rich in high antioxidants which prevent oxidative damage and lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. ( )3. Prevent from forming of Kidney stones ( ) and 4. It boosts the immune system ( )

Are there any health risks associated with orange juice?

Yes! It could result in weight gain, the risk for type 2 diabetes, and decrease blood pressure.

What is the best time to have orange juice?

Is it enough for you? Do you think the article is helpful? If you think we have missed an interesting fact, please let us know. You are also welcome to place your comment on the article.


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