Sprite Vs 7Up: Which One Tastes Better?

Sprite Vs 7Up

Sprite Vs. 7 Up is like a brand war among soft drink lovers. The main reason people love to drink spite and 7 Up is due to their sugar, dopamine, and carbonation addiction. Consumption of these carbonated beverages ignites your brain’s pleasure circuits, which improves your mood.

Sprite is made of sodium citrate, whereas 7 Up contains potassium citrate. Compared to 7 Up, Sprite is sweeter due to artificial preservatives. Sprite has more calories than 7 Up for the same quantity. Let’s dive deeper to learn more details about both soft drinks.

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Sprite Vs 7Up

A Quick Comparison Table Between Sprite And 7 Up

Before learning in-depth details about Sprite And 7 Up, check out this small table to get a quick about both soft beverages.

SpecificationsSprite7 Up
Parent CompanyCoca ColaPepsi
Introduced In Market19611929
Primary SaltSodium  SaltPotassium  Salt
Carbon Dioxide Gas QuantityLowerHigher
Sugar Amount9-gram sugar for every 100 gram10.6-gram sugar for every 100 gram
FlavoursSeven different flavoursEight different flavours
Shelf Life6 – 9 months3– 9 months
Calories140 calories per 500 ml87 calories per 500 ml
Most Popular CountriesAsian countriesEurope, Africa, and American countries
Average Prices$1.78 for 2 Liter$1.56   for 2  Liter

Comprehensive Differences Between Sprite And 7 Up

So, you already got a quick idea about Sprite and 7 Up. Now, let’s learn more details about each soft drink by comparing them.

  • Parent Company
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The parent company of Sprite is Coca-Cola, which is known as one of the top consumed sodas in the world. The brand serves more than 200 countries globally, with almost 2 billion servings.

On the contrary, Pepsi is the leading company of 7 Up, which was established in the early 1950s. The brand gained immense popularity through advertisements, focusing on family picnics and friendly cook-outs types of ads.

  • Market Introduction

Sprite first came out on the market in 1961 as a crisp, refreshing, and clean-tasting lime-flavoured soft drink.

Contrastly, 7 Up was introduced in the market in 1929 by Pepsi with a Lemon-Lime Soda flavour. Its bottle then had a more descriptive name with a less catchy design.

  • Primary Salt

All soft drinks include salt to decrease the liquid’s acidity. Sprite contains sodium salts to boost the body’s electrolytes temporarily.

On the flip side, 7 Up has potassium salt to reduce the liquid’s acidity and increase the overall taste of the beverage.

  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Quantity

One litre of Sprite contains approximately 0.14 mol of carbon dioxide gas, whereas one liter of 7 Up has 0.20 mol of carbon dioxide gas.

  • Sugar Amount

7 UP has more amounts of sugar than Sprite. For every 100 grams, Sprite has 9-gram sugar, and 7 Up contains 10.6 grams of sugar.

  • Flavours

Sprite is available in 7 different flavours such as cranberry, cherry, grape, orange, tropical, ginger, and vanilla. But the most common one is the lime flavour.

On the contrary, 7UP is available in 7 different flavours such as regular, diet, cherry, diet cherry, cherry, island fruit, and mixed berry. But Lemon-lime flavour is the most regular one.

  • Shelf Life
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The shelf of sprite beverages is 6 to 9 months for unopened bottles or cans. But opened bottles can only last 2-4 days.

Contrastly, unopened 7 Up drinks can last up to 3 to 9 months. Generally, diet sodas can last three months, whereas regular sodas have an expiration date of up to 9 months.

  • Calories

You will get 140 calories for consuming every 500 ml of Sprite. These soft drinks contain a higher amount of artificial preservatives that increase calorie consumption.

On the other hand, 7 Up has 87 calories per 500 ml. It contains only natural preservatives and tastes a little bitter.

  • Most Popular Countries

Though Sprite is sold in more than 190 countries, it is most popular in Asian countries. Contrastly, 7 Up is highly popular in Europe, Africa, and American countries.

Compared to the 7 Up price, Sprite has a slightly higher price for 2 litres of bottles. You will have to pay around $1.78 for Sprite and $1.56 for 7 Up.

Which Soft Drink Is The Best Between Sprite And 7 Up?

Since our taste preference varies from person to person, there is a comparison that exists regarding taste. If you want a lower amount of calories and are okay with a slightly bitter taste, 7 Up appears a convenient choice.

On the contrary, if you can’t compromise the sweetness and don’t mind consuming extra calories, you can pick Sprite as a common choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better, Sprite or 7 Up?

7 Up is a better choice than Sprite because it doesn’t contain artificial preservatives and has a higher amount of calories than Sprite.

Which is better for an upset stomach 7Up or Sprite?

You can drink either option but make sure you don’t consume an excessive amount to avoid other health issues.

Is Sprite good for health?

Most health experts recommend not drinking Sprite or other soft drinks regularly. Otherwise, it will cause several health issues gradually. But you can drink occasionally drink them in a small amount.

Why is 7UP called that?

The primary reason behind the name 7 Up is to remember and identify it effortlessly. So, there is no hidden truth behind the name.


When the summer season is around, soft drinks are one of the most consumed products among people. Sprite and 7 Up are the two top carbonated beverages that are the favourite among soft drink lovers.

However, a long debate arises on Sprite Vs. 7 Up. Since both are highly popular and taste almost similar, either one is no less. People just pick any of them that seems more appealing to them.

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