WeWork Mission Statement & Vision Statement 2023

wework mission statement

WeWork is a private limited company, operates in a commercial real estate company. What they do is – provide flexible shared workplaces for technology startups and other enterprises. This idea is comparatively new but well expected by the market. They offer office space at a cheap rate with a long-term lease contract. Within ten years from its inception, WeWork has become a 750 million dollars’ worth company. Though it started in New York City, Now WeWork network disseminates around the world. They provide service in 33 countries and 127 different cities.

Company NameWeWork
Established in2010, New York, United States
FounderAdam Neumann, Miguel McKelvey

WeWork describes itself as a flexible solution provider. With safety-focused space and unmatched community experience, they want to empower the world of work.

WeWork Mission Statement

 WeWork Mission Statement is, “Empowering tomorrow’s world at work.”

WeWork Vision Statement

They don’t separate any vision statement. If they upload any, we will update that soon. 

Values of WeWork

WeWork has several principles which are considered as their core value.

  1. Do The Right Thing
  2. Strive To Be Better, Together
  3. Be Entrepreneurial
  4. Give Gratitude
  5. Be Human, Be Kind

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